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"Oh, to be alive in such an age when miracles are everywhere and every inch of common air throbs a tremendous prophecy of greater marvels yet to be." 
 - Walt Whitman

"I Will" -  A Song of Hope and Healing

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Carmen's Stories

About Patience
Addio, Zazà!

Be a child!

Beloved - A Love Lesson
Celebrating the birth of love

Creature Talk

Discovering the 90%
Do you have a problem?

Do Something!
Earth Trustees Think WOW!

Encrypted Love Message

Father André Gagné

Her Story

Holiday Wishes

How we saved a life online

Interpretations, translations...
Image and Likeness

In the name of Love
Lo stato del mondo nel 2002

Miracle in the middle of nowhere

Shepherd's Way
Sometimes, you just have to ask

Speak Out!

Take care of your breasts

The Lion shall dwell with the Lamb

Tribute to Maurice Gibb of Bee Gees

Turn your light ON

Walk the Talk
What if ?
Why I'm a vegetarian
Why I hate apples

Submitted by the author

A Lady Named Louise
A Pollution Free Energy System

Commandments of Jesus

Emotional Weight

Ground Zero - 50 Years Later

How to find your soul

Life's Lessons

Minute for Peace Day December 22

Mr. Grumpy

My Fathers

My Scruffy Savior

Mystery Woman

On editing a community magazine

Positive Thinking

Season of Peace

The Cairn
Rainbows in Life
The Fate of People the Color of Earth
UFO Survey
Re: UFO survey: a personal account
UFO over Zenia: a personal account
Unveiling Of Fear
Where do they learn those things?

Comments on the Year of the Harvest ...2006
Numerology by Jeanne L. Thompson 


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Featured Stories

Love and the six month theory

Beloved - A Love Lesson

Her Story

A Valentine Story
Another Valentine Story

Amazing True Love Story

Love and the cabbie

Partners and Marriage

Respect Love

Living Longer: It's Not Unusual

What Happens When You Pray?
Paradox of our Time

Genetically Engineered Agricultural Products

Alternatives: Look at YOUR Life

11 Rules you don't learn in school

A Simple Lesson

Messages From Distant Places

Chemistry of the Modern Sky

Freedom OF Religion, Not FROM Religion

Forgiveness: what it does for you

Common Sense: In Memoriam

How Peace Came to The Middle East

Pivot Questionnaire

Respect Love

Suicide: A permanent solution
for a temporary problem

The Cat (a funny, true story)

Clutter's Side Effects


Footprints in the sand:
The ongoing saga
of the inspirational poem
with a sad story behind it

Footprints - another version

Footprints in your heart

Butt prints in the sand

Fun & Inspiration

ABC's of Success
About Email
A Brother's Love
A Christmas Story
Actual Answers to History Tests
A Creed to Live By
A good reason to look up
A Father's Will
Air Temperatures
All I really need to know
Amazing Math

Amazing True Love Story

Arc Angels
A Poet's Story
A Riot in Paris
Ask Kids
A Spider's Web
A Story to live by
Attitude is everything!
Audrey Hepburn's Beauty Tips

Burning Hut

Chemistry Exam

Christian Declaration of Independence
Computers in the Movies
Courage in action
Dance like no one's watching
Dear Dr. Laura

Death of an innocent (don't drink and drive)

Deer's Cry (The Lorica)


Final Analysis
Friends for Life
Give the lady a hand!
God's Résumé
God's Memorandum
Golden rules for living
Goodwill in action
Great Experiment
Guardian Angel
Hotel Soap

How Old IS Grandpa?

I have a dream

I wish you enough

I've Andy Rooney

In Praise of Older Women

Instructions for Life

Instructions from The Dalai Lama

I trust you'll treat her well
It takes courage to say "Jesus"
Jesus is watching you
Lesson within a story
Look at the view
Love and the cabbie
New Job-Lingo: What it really means
Noah's Ark - If it happened today
Now and Then
O'Hare and Easy Eddie
Old man and the Sea

Optimist Creed
Prayer of St-Francis
Puppies for sale
Reflections Of The Sky Nation
Reminders to be happy

Rescuing Hug



Seeds of Success

Shake it off and step up

Switching Channels


The French Computer

The Little Prince and The Fox
Things aren't always what they seem
Through the eyes of a child
Two Brothers
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Valentine Story
Value of time
Wear Sunscreen
What I learned from Pete Rose
What we're willing to give up
What women really want
Where do pets come from?

Wishes and blessings
Words to live by
You know you are Canadian when...
10 Commandments of Human Relations
100 People

Social Stories

Atwater Library, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
CC: the first cloned cat
Cloning: The Initial Impression

Earth Day 2004
Falun Gong SOS
The Story of Ying Zhu

Little Jessica's wish: The real story

Montreal Community Cyclothon

Oh Canada, Stop the Slaughter!
Oldest People in the World: 120 Years +
USA Election 2000: Memorable Speeches

It is NOT in America's best interest to invade Iraq

USA States & Abbreviations

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

- Mark Twain

With the heart of a child
and a soul as old as time
I'm the sum of all before me
And a part of all to come.

- Carmen Colombo

Think Peace

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