Turn your light ON

Look around you! Right now, someone is changing your life. You may not even realize it, but it's happening. Just like you affect others, they affect your life too. There's a constant exchange of energy going on all around you. 

Fortunately, some of the people you come across have a very specific mission. They are light people, and their mission is to light up the world. Strangely, sometimes they don't even know it themselves. It just so happens that they bring light wherever they go. They may not realize their part in it, and think it's just coincidence. However, when they actually recognize and realize the power of light, they can use it in positive ways.

I like to call it magic.

I once read a story about Marilyn Monroe which said that she was conscious of turning the light on. She could walk down the street with her light turned off, and no one would even notice her. Then, she would consciously turn on her light, and could be seen like a brightly flashing neon. I read this many years ago, and think about it often. I tried it, and it works.

Imagine the power of manipulating light.

Light is energy, and it can be used in many ways. We can use it to shine on the dark corners of life - or we can cut the light out entirely. It's our choice.

Imagine that you are entering a dark place. Would you turn the light on to find your way? If other people were there, would you turn the light off just because they didn't have their own? If you had to stay there with those other people, could you cause the light to shine just for you?

Being a light person means that you shine, and you help others shine. Like a candle lighting another, you don't lose power by doing so, you increase the light with every candle that is lit - with every person that you help.

We are strange creatures. Animals have no hesitation in getting to know one another. We, on the other hand, sometimes need extraordinary circumstances. We may see the same people day after day for years on the bus, on the street, in the building where we live or work, and never even say hello. But if a disaster of some kind happened, these are the very people who would probably save us or vice versa.

Why wait? Smile, it's good for you! Bring down the defenses, make the first step. Say hello to someone. Be a light in the world!

I believe that there is good in everyone. I believe that people become trustworthy when you give them trust. I don't want to be judged so I don't judge. I treat others like I would like to be treated, and I have to say that I never regretted being that way.

Now that you know that you have the power to shine, will you turn your light on? Please do.

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
December 1997


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