We get a gift of a brand new Magical TV which has unlimited access to all the beautiful channels. When we tune in to any one of the millions of stations we become embraced with wonderful joy filled feelings. We are given a remote control and can instantly connect to all the marvelous programs at will. We are really enjoying switching channels and experiencing lots of happy days. Time progresses and the remote control is not working so well. We can no longer get our favorite channels and the ones we can get we really do not care for. A little later even the programs we tolerate start to get distorted. The signals become weak and there is a lot of interference. The TV has trouble getting enough electric power  as the tube is getting worn out working so hard to connect to even the mediocre stations. The magic has now gone out of the TV set and the tube fades away. The power source can no longer travel inside the set as the receiver has extinguished itself.

When we are born we receive a brain that is clear and sharp and can tune into all the joy in the universe. It also has the ability to tune into messages of Joy from all it sees, hears, feels, touches and smells. As we grow and mature control of our awareness  mechanism starts to disappear and the joy of life slowly fades away. We search desperately for the way we can turn on our joy but the more effort we put into seeking the joy the more miserable we become. We question ourselves, doubt ourselves and yes even start to hate ourselves. We might try to blame others for our lost joy but deep inside we know we cannot tune into a really happy life. We find many substitutes for joy like: new cloths, new cars, making tons of money, smoking, drinking alcohol, Drugs. None switch on our real joy. We have leant to tolerate a lifestyle that we are not so happy with. But what can we do, it is all most of us have.

In order to enjoy the fruits of our labor, we first need to get our mind in order. We have learnt to endure and forgot how to enjoy. If we realize there is a way to recharge our control of awareness and it will put us in tune with harmony, love, contentment and a true joy of life, we get a second chance. The receiver in our brains need to switch on to the correct voltage and allow the currents of intelligent energy to flow through our whole system. As we re-energize we begin to feel real power surges and can tattle any distortion that comes our way. Nothing stops us from receiving a beautiful clear picture of Health Wealth and Happiness. We are programmed to Life is Beautiful and we do not need to switch channels any more.

By detaching from the physical world we see around us and attaching to a power source of intelligence that has created and evolved all Life and Matter we find the real way of living as human beings. We now can enjoy all the physical world has to offer and also become a creative link in the chain of evolution. We take pleasure in helping our fellow man and woman to make their life a happy one. We realize that the pure potential of infinite wisdom is a channel that is linked to our minds and we have access when we clear the way to receive it. We never get sick, never worry and are always contented.

Does it sound like Magic?

Well IT------ IS.

I. S.---Infinite Silence.

In Infinite Silence we connect with GOD.

It is there we recharge our batteries on a daily basis. When we feel the Divine Bliss this magic energy gives us we want to soak up every ounce.

We find after a while we can connect to this channel day and night. In a crowded room or all alone. We can turn on the power at will. Our Freewill is tuned to God because it gives us Joy not because we are instructed to by Religion. We now know what will power means. God is directing us, not human Rules & Regulations We now can throw away the remote control. We will never feel remote, alone or far away from God. For we are automatically connect 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year.

Eventually we will throw away our body and live in eternal divine bliss. But not just yet. We have a whole lot of programs to Really ENJOY.

Michael Levy
Copyright April 2000

Michael Levy is the Author of Three books:

What is the Point,
Minds of Blue Souls of Gold, 
Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think.

Special thanks to Michael Levy for this submission.

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