Discovering the 90%

Do you believe in limits and boundaries? If you do, then stop! 

Believe in miracles; you can make them happen!

You have the potential to be who you want to be. It's well known that we use less than 10% (ten per cent) of our mind. Did you ever wonder what's in the other 90%? Well, you should wonder - because it's your mind, your potential. In that 90% is, among other things, the potential to be a master magician!

Throughout time, we have been given the same good advice by illuminated people, from Socrates to Jesus to modern day psychologists: know yourself. This knowledge may come after years of probing and questioning - or it may come in the blink of an eye. However, once we know who we are, our life changes forever. Once we KNOW that we have the capacity, the potential to do anything, we are no longer doubtful.

We have the potential to create, and what we create is entirely up to us. That's what is known as free will. We have already proven this over and over by creating things of beauty and value, as well as things of hate and destruction. We created our world. Therefore we can change it, if we don't like it. And we must change it, if it's hurting us.

Imagine that the earth is your body, and all the things in it are your cells, organs, blood, etc. If your heart is hurt, how does the rest of your body feel? Remember that even when you sneeze, your whole body feels it. It's the same thing with the world. However small an injury is to any part, the whole is aware of it, and feels it to some degree. We may think that somebody else's pain is not affecting us, but it's a form of denial, since we are all part of the same whole.

We have to stop thinking in terms of us and them. Where do you stop and I begin? We are each other's blood, cells and organs. When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves; it's self-mutilation. We have to stop the abuse! We have to stop it because we're killing our spirit - we're killing our potential. We're killing ourselves!

There is hope! As long as there's life, there's hope. There is hope even today, with all the fears of nuclear wipeout and deadly diseases. Yes, even today, there's hope for each and every one of us, when we understand our connection, and how vital is it that we all take care of one another. When we realize that whatever we do has a definite effect on us all, we have to closely review our thoughts and actions.

That's where WOW comes in. WOW is Wish Only Well, and it's your higher self, talking to you. WOW is that 90% that is trying to tell you: discover the truth, and it will set you free! Realize the truth and miracle of the unity concept, and everything will fall in its proper place. Realize that every time that you think, say or do something, you are creating an effect. And realize that if the effect that you want to create is a miracle, you have to do it with love and purity of heart, because only love produces miracles. Nothing good comes out of hate, suppression, cruelty. Fear doesn't serve to teach us, but only to make us more afraid. You don't tame a lion by beating it, but with gentleness and love.

WOW is a fun and easy way to remember something good. We can help ourselves and each other to heal and grow by Wishing Only Well, because it's more than just a phrase - it's a way of living. By seeking to do only good and always looking for the good in each of us, we harmonize all the parts to work well together, and we produce the desired results.

We have to choose. Do we want to be happy and healthy - or sad and sick? Once we make the decision, we can go on to do whatever will make it happen. When we choose to be happy and healthy, we have to work together to do it, because we are one. And we have to do it with love, naturally.

Read the WOW message, and pass it along! Be a messenger of hope! As simple and childlike as it seems, it contains the key that will open the door to the 90%. It is truth, and truth is not complicated.

Let it be your guide. Ask yourself at all times if what you are thinking, saying and doing is Wishing Only Well. 

Let it be your truth...and the truth will set you free!

Carmen Colombo
June 28, 1997

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