Guardian Angel

I am not psychic nor can I predict the future, but I have a Guardian Angel by my side. I don't hear voices, but I do receive mental thoughts about actions I am about to take.

For instance: when I was in the military, each Friday afternoon I would walk to an area of the base called the "Circle".  Not having my own car, if I wanted to spend my free weekend at home in New York State, I would go to the circle and get a ride.

One day I was inside the car and we were about to get on our way when something told me not to go. I got off and cancelled my weekend plans. The following week I learned that the car was involved in a serious accident where a couple of passengers were killed.

Another time I was in a military jeep when something told me to get off. I did. Subsequently the jeep was in an accident and the driver lost part of his leg.

After the military I became a Police Officer and my Guardian Angel did duty with me. Once I stopped a guy for acting suspicious in front of a bank. I merely wanted to ask him about his behavior and obtain his identity. This person was reaching for what I thought was his wallet, when my Guardian Angel told me to grab him. I did and I removed a fully loaded revolver that he was reaching for from his rear waist band.

I can go on and on, but I merely want to say is that there are Angels protecting us if we just merely listen to the thoughts they place in our minds. Some people call it "intuition" or "gut feeling" but it is much more than that.

This personal account was submitted by one of our visitors with permission to publish.

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