Re: Do you believe in UFO's?

I just read the article, and thought I would give you my personal experience.

I enlisted in the U.S. Marines and went for Boot Camp training in Parris Ilsand, South Carolina on June 30, 1960.  After completing Boot training I was transfered to Camp Geiger in North Carolina. 

One evening (around September or October of 1960) after we had just completed field training, the whole company was rushing to take showers and dress in order to go to the chow hall.  As a bunch of us were leaving the showers and walking towards our tent area we saw a group of Marines looking up at the dark skies.  Wondering what was so facinating, I too looked up. 

There in the sky miles from where we were was a flying round object.  Surrounding this object was a variety of different types of light. This object moved so fast that we couldn't follow it with our naked eye.  It appeared on one end of the sky, then another.  This was 1960 and even though we had jet planes, we never knew anything to move that fast.  It left no streaks when it changed from one end of the heavens to another.  It was like magic.  One time it's here then there, yet you couldn't see it moving. 

There must have been hundreds of Marines witnessing this event, yet when the object finally disappeared from the skies, no one said anything.  Everyone bowed their heads and just walked away engulfed, as I was, in our own thoughts; afraid to sound stupid and be ridiculed if we were to say what was really on our minds about this flying object. 

I have stood silent long enough.  Yes I do believe in UFOs.

This personal account was submitted by one of our visitors with permission to publish.

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