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"Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it." 

Since October 2002, the world was at a standstill, wondering
 "Are we really on the verge of war?" 

March 17, 2003: The Final Ultimatum

March 19, 2003: War begins. Operation "Iraqi Freedom"

April 9, 2003: The Fall of Saddam Hussein's Regime.

December 13, 2003: The Capture of Saddam Hussein

June 29, 2004: Interim Government Sworn into Office in Iraq

August 2004: The war continues

The war is not over, and the whole world is suffering. If you think the war in Iraq does not affect you, take a look at the Stock Market - which is basically the indication of world affairs. All time record lows have and continue to be seen. Instability is bad for the economy, because nobody wants to invest when a country is not stable. That's partly why jobs are lost, and the economy is far from ideal.

Coming Soon:  A Canadian Soldier's Story

When will it be over?

War is NOT the solution. 

If it was, there would have been no more wars, after the very first one. 

But the fact that there have been countless wars proves that it's NOT a solution. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Waging war is admitting defeat. Is there any greater failure than knowing in advance that LIFE will be destroyed, because we have run out of ideas? 

We are in the Space Age, not the Stone Age. We have no excuse or justification for our backward thinking. 

If we can evolve and think intelligently enough to be able to do all the amazing things that we do today, we can and MUST use our intellect to come up with better ideas than war to achieve Peace.

It's our responsibility.

December 13, 2003: The Capture of Saddam Hussein

There will be much said about the capture of Saddam, and we may as well have our say too. 

Like everybody else, we are very pleased that Saddam Hussein was captured, and without violence. He was found in a "spider hole" in the basement of farm house near Tikrit, his hometown. He was captured at the bottom of the hole, with a gun,  and seven hundred and fifty thousand (750,000.00 USD) American dollars. Two people and a taxi were also on the premises. Living in that hole and perhaps others like it made Saddam look like a pauper when he was captured. He looked dirty, disheveled, and bewildered, a very sad figure indeed. The images of a doctor checking an old man with a beard for lice were shown all over the world, over and over again. From the self proclaimed god for over 30 years, to the lowest of the low: it seems like a fate worse than death for such a proud individual. Some say he didn't kill himself or resist capture in any way, to avoid being killed, because he is a coward. But the pictures tell another story. It looks like he was too tired and out of it to do anything when he saw the soldiers. On the tape, he looks like he was awakened from sleep, which would explain his look of shock and weariness.

On Sunday, December 14, most of the Iraqi people and the rest of the world celebrated the end of a tyrannical regime, forever. Apparently, people in Iraq still feared that Saddam  would rise again, despite the fall of the regime in May 2003. They had seen that happen with the "Desert Storm" war of 1990, with the first President Bush. At that time, the US went to war to in Iraq because Iraq had invaded its tiny, oil-filled neighbor, Kuwait. The war ended when Iraq left Kuwait, even though Saddam had not been captured. He then rose again and the situation became even worse for the Iraqi people. No wonder they still feared him, despite not having heard from him in over 9 months, not even in July 2003, when his two sons and one grandson were killed when they resisted being captured. But on December 13, 2003, it was really over for Saddam. His reign of terror is over. He did horrendous things to his enemies, and even to his own people. He is apparently responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. 

At this very same time, the trial for Slobodan Milosevic is being held in Prague, The Netherlands, for his crimes against humanity while he was dictator in the former Yugoslavia. He too is responsible for the torture and death of hundreds of thousands of people. He's presently going through the trial, like Saddam eventually will too. 

Just look at them: two ordinary men who played god with people's lives for decades, finally face judgment. But how do you punish these individuals? What is just punishment? The only true judgment they can receive is from a higher power. No matter what is done to them on this earth will not make up for even a portion of what they did.  

On June 29, 2004, a new interim government was sworn into office in Iraq.

August 2004

We had the honor of interviewing a Canadian Soldier, just as he returned from a three month tour in Afghanistan. 

The story will be posted soon. Come back for some amazing views from someone who's been there.

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life,  peace, and war. 

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A Minute For Peace, Every Day

Minute for Peace Poem

Since wowzone launched The Peace Campaign in October 2002, we received more visitors and letters than ever. People want PEACE, NOT WAR. 

In the past few weeks, there are Peace Demonstrations every day in every country in the world, including the United States of America. 

Until just a few weeks ago, being anti-war in the USA was like being unpatriotic. Now, there are major Peace Demonstrations in every capital of every state of the USA. They are NOT unpatriotic, and they are NOT weak. 

They are people who want PEACE, like millions of people all over the world.  They want to find a different solution to an old familiar problem, and they are going into the streets to say it: PEACE! NO WAR! 


March 19, 2003: War begins in Iraq.

American, English (UK) and Australian troops are fighting, killing and being killed. There is pandemonium in Iraq. Nobody knows who the enemy is anymore because soldiers dress as civilians, and the civilians are forced to fight at the risk of being killed themselves and their entire family. The allied troops, who are there to liberate the Iraqi people from the atrocities of the bloody Saddam Hussein regime, are confused about who the enemy is. Nobody is safe. 

There are still demonstrations for peace every day, every where in the world. They are not against the troops. People support soldiers, who must be scared out of their minds, and wish them well and a safe return home as soon as possible. People also  support all the innocent civilians in Iraq, and of course wish them well. 

But this war is escalating and becoming more dangerous for the entire world at every moment. The peacemakers should not stop thinking about ways of stopping this insanity. 

There IS a solution. 

Pray for PEACE. 

May The ONE God Bless and help us ALL.



October 2002: Start of NO-WAR Campaign

March 17, 2003: The Final Ultimatum

March 19, 2003: War begins. Operation "Iraqi Freedom"

April 9, 2003: The Fall of Saddam Hussein's Regime.

December 13, 2003: The Capture of Saddam Hussein.

June 29, 2004: Interim Government Sworn into Office in Iraq

August 2004: War continues, too many civilians and soldiers killed. Major Stock Market upsets, reaching all time lows.

February, March, May, December 2003, August 2004


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