The Rainbows in Life

On a recent winter morning drive to work, it was cold, foggy and gloomy. My car's rear window was slow to defrost, the car wasn't warming up as quickly as I wanted, it was raining exceptionally hard, and it was very dark outside. The traffic was particulary heavy on the Interstate, so I took an alternate route only to get caught in heavy slow-downs there, too. The radio said there were snow flurries downtown...I really hated snow that day!

My hands were cold, because it's hard to wear gloves while applying lipstick in the car when you're running behind (but my lips looked GREAT!). Anyone who knows me well is aware this is NOT my favorite kind of weather, NOR my favorite time of day!!!

I was mentally reviewing some recent emotional damage, trying to come up with a fresh idea of something to do that day to recover a little bit more. But my mood was pretty low and I was feeling a bit desperate for a new thought.

Suddenly, at about the darkest point in my drive, the most AWESOME RAINBOW appeared, just in front of me, so close I actually thought I could drive right to the end as it touched the ground! I could see every distinct, brilliant color, and the entire arch from end to end...I almost lost control of the car as I stared in awe at this wonderful sight. I continued to see this marvelous, natural (or supernatural) display for nearly a mile, when it gradually faded as I approached my office. But if I close my eyes, I can still see it now in all its brilliant glory; what a tremendous gift!!!

I believe this was a perfect reminder, both real and symbolic, that when we reach our darkest moments, if we want to heal and move into hope, something will appear in our lives to remind us of the promise of tomorrow, the goodness and beauty available to us at this moment, and the color and sparkle and allure of our future.

The sky brightened and my day began immediately to look better (and my lips not only had that "carefully applied" lipstick, but a smile to go with it!!!) I hope that by sharing this story, your days might be brightened as well.

Kathy Ragsdale

January 1998

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