A personal UFO account...

Please respond if you saw it too!

In 1957 at a small one room school house high in the mountains near Eureka California. Zenia was the name of the place. No other buildings were there at that time, just the school house. I was the only seventh grader. There were a couple of kids older than me but they were in the same grade; because it took them more than one year to get through some of the grades.

One bright sunshiny spring day, noon, we were on the playground. We were a bunch of loggers kids and we did rough and tumble a bit. That particular day, as often happened, a Boeing B36 aircraft flew overhead. A real giant was this airplane all six propeller engines and two jets were leaving a giant contrail. It was a quite a sight.

A shimmering round ball of light came from the horizion. We were high in the hills at Zenia. There must have been fifty miles visibility. The ball of light caught the B36, paceing it briefly right off the vertical stabilizer slowing down to do this. Then the object circumnavigated the tail while keeping station with the bomber. When it reached the position where it started this maneuver it started to accelerate upwards "vertical" and just kind of disappeared.

To a person watching it was obvious what had happened. The object, "your guess is as good as mine", perused, examined and then its examination complete; it went somewhere else. One more thought, the exit was quite a trick. I would really like to know how that was done.

If there was anyone else on that playground that remembers this incident. I would really like to hear from you.

William W. Brownson


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