Do you know which one is the
Real Peace Sign?

The "V" sign, the 2 finger sign  forming a " V" means Victory, and when there is a victor, there is a loser. 

That is NOT peace.


The WOW Sign, the 3 finger sign forming a " W" for Wish Only Well, means peace, hope, and goodwill.

Peace can only be achieved when everybody wins.


Picture of Churchill doing  his famous "V" sign.


On Tuesday May 8th, 1945,  Winston Churchill gave his "Victory in Europe" broadcast. 

Winston signaled Victory, and the world saw what they wanted to see: a Peace sign.

People want Peace, and the so-called Peace Sign grew in popularity. But its popularity doesn't change its meaning. 

Now you know the real story.

Also, you have a choice!

The WOW Sign  is the Real Peace Sign of The Third Millennium. 

WOW to You!

Wish Only Well

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