Give the lady a hand!

A highly successful executive and his wife were driving through a small town on their way to a vacation site when they had to stop at a small service station for a fill-up. The station attendant came to the car where the husband gave him instructions to fill the car with premium, wash the windows, etc. The husband then went inside the station to use the facilities.

As he returned, he saw the attendant standing on the passenger side of his car apparently having a very friendly conversation with his wife. After paying the attendant and getting back on the road, the husband asked his wife if she knew the man. She said that she did. In fact, they had gone to the same high school and even dated for awhile. The husband responded that she was lucky she waited to marry him, because she now had all the luxuries of life rather than what a gas station attendant could give her.

The wife then said, "you have it all wrong". If I had married him, he would now be the successful executive and you would be the gas station attendant.

Thanks to Michael R. Spangler
Submitted by Jim Cole

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