The first 1000 days of WOW!

According to the ISP's server, February 26, 1999* is the 1000th day that WOW is online! How many people were here? We'll never REALLY know, because the counter broke! I was just as shocked as you when I called my ISP and they informed me that all the stats from September 1997 to October 1998 were lost forever. The chartists among you could easily figure it out, I suppose. If you have an estimated figure, please let me know.

So, what happened in the first 1000 days?


Where do we go from here? I'm playing it by ear, as from the start. I follow the energy that flows into WOW Zone every day. You are making all the difference. So many of you write and tell me your inner thoughts and feelings, and tell me that I have no idea of how much I've helped you. Well, let me tell you, the feeling is mutual.

WOW is shining light and making people aware of a new and easier way of living. WOW encourages people to THINK for themselves, and to treat others as they would like to be treated. Wish Only Well is a modern version of the Golden Rule.

WOW has no religious or political affiliation. It is filled with examples of love, hope, faith, trust, forgiveness, gratitude, strength and more, but it never forces the issue. It seems to touch each of you in different ways, and that is the most amazing part. I receive so many letters mentioning that you feel like you could have written the WOW stories or poetry yourself. This means that there are many of us out there who feel good about life and wish to share it in harmony with others and every living thing in the universe, including our precious Mother Earth. I bet that the more people get to know WOW the more we'll realize that no matter who or where we are, we feel the same way. That has to count for something!

When I started the WOW Friends List, I put in my family and friends, naturally. Before long, many of you started adding your names. In a little over a year since the list was started, it's become huge and growing every day.

WOW is a dream that we're all dreaming together, that we are making real every time that we say WOW; every time we wish ourselves and each other only well.

I'm delighted you've joined me on the journey so far, and hope you'll stay for the remainder of the show...

From all views, it's looking good!

Wishing you only well,

Carmen Colombo
February 26, 1999

*the actual 1000th day is March 11, 1999. The server started counting on June 1, 1996. WOW Zone is online since June 13, 1996.

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