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WOW is a combination of The Golden Rule,  Karma, and Conscious Creative Living.

The Golden Rule can be described as: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Karma can be described as: "You reap what you sow"

Conscious Creative Living can be described as: "Consciously living your highest ideals, continuously creating your life with love and  purpose"

WOW thinking is the combination of these elements, in a flowing manner. 

When you live in your highest ideals, you access the source of all creation which is both inside you and all around you. You realize your connection to everything, and how every cause has an effect. 

That's where karma comes in. Whether you realize it or not, your brain is ON all the time. It's not like an appliance you turn off when you go to sleep. Sometimes your brain works harder in your dreams than in real life, if you can imagine that! Your brain records everything, while you're both asleep and awake. Remember, even the greatest geniuses in our world never used more than 10% of their brain!

Our brains record even the things we think or say jokingly or with irony, sarcasm, etc. You may be kidding, but your brain the VCR or tape machine. It doesn't care if it's recording a great film or a commercial. It just does its job. Therefore, our brain, if fed with constant garbage, shows us garbage.

The trick to breaking the cycle of Karma is to change the cause, if you want to change the effect. That's where Conscious Creative Living comes in. By Wishing ONLY Well, you create good karma for yourself, because you wish for what is best for all concerned, including you, at all times. What may be the best for all concerned may not necessarily be what you want, but by wishing it so, you create the greater good.

Conscious, creative living allows you to see the big picture, not just what you are living right now. We all know that retrospect is always perfect vision. Did you know that you can have the same kind of vision for the present and the future? You don't have to be psychic. You have to be aware, and live with purpose. Live with your eyes, heart, mind, soul, spirit - OPEN. You have to understand the basic principle that when you hurt others, you actually hurt yourself. Not only that, you actually hurt the whole world, because we are all a part of the whole world. In the same way, when you do good, you do good for the whole world!

All of this, and much more, seems like too much to be rolled into one simple 3 letter word, or even three little words for that matter. But that is what WOW is. Wish ONLY Well is true peace by applying the most basic and universal laws, known and understood by all, from the beginning of time. 

The laws and thinking are not new. Their combination in one fun little word is new. That's why WOW is the easiest way to spread hope, peace and goodwill in the world. 

Pass it on!

Wish Only Well

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