Tribute to Father André Gagné

Father André Gagné, chaplain at Laurier MacDonald HS
Father Gérard André Gagné

Photo: From Laurier Macdonald High School's 1972 - 1973 Yearbook

Father Gagné was the chaplain at Laurier Macdonald High School, in St-Leonard, (now Montreal) Quebec, Canada, for many years. In 1968, he created the Pastoral Center, which was like a second home for the majority of the students at Laurier Macdonald. Everyone who ever went to that school spent at least one hour with Father Gagné, and without a doubt, their life was touched by him.

Father Gagné was a wonderful human being. He understood when no one else did. He inspired, challenged, helped, encouraged, loved. He always had projects in the works; raising funds for various charitable organizations through fun activities, bringing food baskets to needy families, organizing fashion shows, celebrating mixed masses...the list was endless. 

During my last year of high school, I was one of the group leaders for a wonderfully growing experience. On the last Wednesday of every month, I, along with 3 other students from our school went to a local elementary school, and we were in charge of two sixth grade classes (60 children) for the afternoon. We walked with the children from their school to the nearest church, about five blocks away, and once there, the children listened with utter fascination at the teachings of Jesus, as delivered by me. They were the nicest bunch of kids I've ever known.

Father Gagné always made us feel that we could make a difference, and we did. We all learned so much from that man. We learned love and compassion. His motto was "United we stand, divided we fall".

Father Gagné passed away on February 6th, 1985, but he is still alive in the hearts of all those he loved and who loved him, myself included. Throughout my 4 years at Laurier, he was my best friend. If you ask the majority of the people who knew him, they would probably say the same thing. To this day, whenever I meet old high school friends and we talk about him, we remember him with warmth and love.

Did you know Father Gagné? If you went to Laurier Macdonald High School in the 1970's and early 1980's, chances are you did. 

Let's make this page a special memorial and tribute to Father André Gagné. Send in your stories about him, and let's keep his spirit alive forever.

We love you Father Gagné...always in our hearts!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
Class of 1976

First of all, I think your website is very nice. I'm also very pleased to hear that you are honoring Father Gagné. I was a member of the Laurier Macdonald Student Council, the year of his passing. I knew him very well. He was always there to help anyone in need. Please add my name to your list of people who admired him, and keep me informed on the progress of this memorial.


Bob Reda,
LMHS 1983-1985

I was at Laurier from `93 to`96, and didn't have the chance to meet Father Gagné. However, someone who gave herself to the students (as I heard Father Gagné did in past years) and contributed to each of her students growth, both spiritual and mental, was Mrs. Joyce Williams. Every morning, graced with her smile and beautiful accent, students would either copy some homework, or talk amongst themselves, but she managed to render "class" time, even more enjoyable. She was truly a woman of God, in every sense. Sadly for those preceding `96, she retired. But lessons learned in her classroom (and away from it as well) will be with some of us forever.

Love in Christ,

Andrew Djaballah

I attended Laurier Macdonald from 1984 to 1986.  I was in class the day the principle announced that he had died (February 6th, 1985).  I began to cry and left the class to be where, to me, his spirit was, the Pastoral Center.  I just sat there and cried.  To me, father Gagné was a great friend and mentor.  

I attended his wake which was held in the Pastoral Center.  I think everyone who ever knew him came to pay their respects; there were so many people coming and going.  I was also at this funeral where they performed a beautiful service in his name.  I can tell you, there were not too many dry faces in the church when they played the song "Une Colombe".

I was Vice-President of the poverty committee (at the time) and part of the hostess committee.  I worked with him very closely.  He was a terrific person and a valued part of the community.  Together, with his guidance, we helped many families in need .  The year after his death, we, the Pastoral Committee, with Father Gagné in our hearts and minds, continued his work.

I truly hope that, since then, students from Laurier Macdonald have not forgotten Father Gagné and what he stood for, all that is good.  He was a messenger from God. 

May he rest in eternal peace.

Erminia Tarantino (Class of '86)

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