An idea for our times

You read a poem or story, you love it, and you want to have a copy to keep.

You can print it from the site, but what if you also want to give it to someone, or display it in a public place, like your office, school, club, etc.? There are copyright laws, and you want to respect them, because it's only fair.

We have a solution.

For a very minimal fee, you can have any poem, story or article on wowzone, signed by the author and laminated in clear plastic for easy display and longevity.

Simply send the title or URL of the material of your choice, and once the transaction is completed on PayPal, your order will be personalized on 8 x 11 inch paper, signed by the author, and mailed to the address you provide.

The price is $10.00, enough to cover production cost and give you peace of mind. If you wish to order large quantities for distribution, write to us for bulk pricing.

The idea is to promote the written art form and protect copyright laws. 

These items are available exclusively on this site, If you see any original material from this site sold anywhere else, please be aware that it is copyright infringement, and it hurts everybody. We would appreciate it if you let us know.

To start shopping, bookmark this page and return to it when you know the title or URL of the material you wish to order.

If you would rather write to us for special arrangements, contact us at

We hope you enjoy our new service and will tell your friends about it.

Thank you! 

Word Art


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