Living Longer: It's not unusual.


I just read on your site that the oldest person in the world is a woman who died at 122 in August 1997.

That information is incorrect. The oldest person died on October 14, 2003 on the island of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean at the age of 128. Her name was Ma Pampo. There are also others still on the island who are alive that are older than your lady.

Our lady, as she is referred to in the above email, is Jeanne-Louise Calment, from France. Jeanne Calment was and remains the oldest documented age accepted by Guinness World Records, and the general scientific community. See the information from Robert Young, Senior Claims Investigator, of the Gerontology Research Group on our Jeanne Calment page.

She lived long and well, and had amazing views on life. Her life seems to have reflected her famous quote, "I have only one wrinkle, and I'm sitting on it". That's living and aging with style. I don't think Ms. Calment ever had any Botox, and from what I read about her, I don't think she would have cared for it. Her sense of humor kept her young. She was a witness to all the major technological advances from before the light bulb and the telephone. What a life, so filled with wonder! She even met Vincent Van Gogh. 

Since Madame Calment's death in 1997, we've been hearing about more and more "super aged" people. 

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Living Longer: How to do it, according to those who do it.


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