Do you have a problem?

A bear was relieving himself in the woods.

He saw a rabbit and asked,

"Hey bunny, do you have a problem with feces sticking to your fur?"

Stunned, the rabbit replied "No".

So the bear grabbed the bunny and wiped himself.

Which one are you?

When you dump your problems on someone else, you're the bear.

When you let others dump their problems on you, you're the bunny.

Are you OK with it or do you want to change?

If you're happy being either one, enjoy. 

But if you're tired of being an aggressor or a victim, here's a quick little trick for you:

Every time that you hear the words "do you have a problem?", picture the bunny and the bear.

You may think that it can't possibly make a difference in your life, but you'll be amazed. Try it out!

By thinking of the bunny and the bear when you hear the words "do you have a problem?", you'll get a clearer picture of who YOU are. It's like lifting a mirror to yourself or stepping back and looking at the situation objectively. 

Once you see clearly, you can act.  

Let me know how it works for you.


Carmen Colombo
February 2001

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