walk the talk - walk the talk - walk the talk

Got it? Talking means nothing if you don't do it! Nothing at all.

You've heard the words: Do as I say, not as I do...

What do you think when you hear that? Do you wonder - why?

Those who tell you what to do, and don't do it themselves are misleading you. It's easy to say - well, they're only human, after all. Sure, we can rationalize and justify anything. But the truth is that truth is unchanging. What is true for one is true for another. Maybe the reason they don't do what they say is because what they say is ridiculous...

We are born sinners - or so we are told. What sin?

Oh sure, we sin every day now, but when you were a baby - you didn't even know what sin was. How could you? You were totally innocent. You were a clean slate. You started sinning when you started doing things that went against your loving nature - when you started to believe that you are worth what you have, not who you are.

You started sinning when you started to believe that the only way that you can have more is to take from someone else.

The first time that happened to you, you probably felt a bad feeling inside you. But then, you saw everyone else do it too, and you were encouraged to do it again. Soon enough, everyone you saw was doing it, and you thought that it was the right and proper way of doing things. You became a part of the system.

After a while, you didn't think about it anymore. You started getting more and more of what you wanted at any cost, and you thought that it would make you happy. But oh, with all the things you have, you feel empty. How come? Why is it that you have everything to make you happy - but you are miserable? Maybe it's because the things you have don't love you - they only take up space. They only increase the distance between you and your true loving nature.

Look at the churches built in the name of GOD! Do you really think that your dollar at Sunday mass will help anyone have a better life? If that was the case, shouldn't everyone on this planet have more than enough of whatever they need?

Surely you know that Vatican City, for instance, is the richest little city in the world. There is more gold and power in that little place than the rest of the world put together...

How many people could learn to become self-sufficient with the proceeds of one statue from the Vatican? Look at the amazing buildings that are God's homes, all over the world. Do you think that God is more present there than where you are right now? Do you think God needs all that gold and ornaments? Do you have any idea what the world would be like if the so-called "men of God" would actually have done what they were supposed to do?

But they say: do what I say, not what I do. And THAT clears them of everything.

They also say that we can never live up to our perfect maker. Really? If a perfect being creates something, shouldn't it be perfect? Doesn't it follow, then, that either:

the one who created you is not perfect


you are perfect, but don't know it

Which do you prefer? If you think about it, it's one or the other, just like tic tac toe. You either are an x or an o. You can't be a square.

What if you fell asleep, and in your dream someone told you that you can't wake up. Would you believe it? What if everyone in your dream told you that you can't wake up. What then? Would it be any more true?

The truth is that if and when you do wake up, those who told you that you couldn't would no longer exist. That's why they tell you what they do. They want to be part of your dream, and the only way that can happen is if you are asleep.

You know that:

They put Galileo in prison for saying that the earth revolved around the sun.

They laughed at Columbus for saying that the earth was round.

They killed Jesus for saying that we could do miracles, just like him.

What? You mean you didn't know? You think they killed him because the people hated him? No way!

The people loved him. They still do. I mean really, how hard is it to love someone who said (what he really said, not what they say he said) and DID the things that Jesus did?

Jesus came into your dream and told you: Hey, wake up! This is just a dream. Come on, don't you know these people are lying? Don't you know you can wake up and go back to being who you are?

You asked him: who am I?

And he said: you are just like me - you and I are one.

When the other people in your dream heard this, they said: hey, what's with this Jesus? He's supposed to be like us! If he keeps this up, we'll all disappear. Well, you know the rest...

Every time that you are just about to wake up, something happens. The people in your dream do something else to keep you asleep. How clever.

How do they do this? By convincing you that your dream is real - as real as they are.

Think about it. Are they real? When you wake up, will they still exist?

Those who tell you you can't do something are keeping you asleep. They do this because once you can do what they say you need them for, you don't need them anymore. Once you learned how to drive, did you still need a driving instructor?

A real teacher will give YOU power. He doesn't just give you a piece of information and then tell you to go back to him when you get to the next stumbling block. He teaches you to think for yourself, because it is, after all, YOUR life. If you aren't living your life, whose life are you living?

Think about someone you admire. Is that person a copy of someone else - or an original?

To be an original is to be yourself, regardless of the situation. It's what YOU do that defines you. If you do something hurtful, you do it. You can say that you were provoked. Like I said, we can justify anything. But the fact remains that YOU did what you did. YOU.

Don't you find it curious that, regardless of who you are, you have two things in common with everyone else: you are born, and you die. Many think that the similarities end there - but no. Think about it. If anyone was any more or any less important than anyone else, wouldn't that person be made differently? How do you distinguish a superior product? By its components. Since we all have the same components, what does that tell us?

Well, among other things, it tells us that what hurts one hurts another in the same way.

As a parent, you love your child more than anything in the world. But to everyone else, your child is just another child. In the same way that all the other children of the world are not like yours to you.


You wish that your child can be safe and happy, right? Isn't that what everyone else wishes for their children too? So what's your responsibility? If you see a child that is suffering somewhere, do you turn away? Oh, but it's not your child. Does that matter? If your child was lost or hurt, would you care that no one was there for him? Why should you expect others to help you if you aren't willing to help? Why should your life matter any more than anyone else's?

Living just for yourself, just to amass things, just to be safe in your little corner of the world - is sleeping. Wake up! and...

walk the talk - walk the talk - walk the talk

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
July 1997

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