Do something!

From every perspective, it seems that WOW is helping people who visit in varying degrees; from providing a smile - to a totally new and better way of thinking and being.

This simple word is changing lives, because once you associate it with a wish, it isn't just a word anymore. It becomes a prayer, a blessing, and much more.

Wishing Only Well is something we are all born knowing, but somehow forget at some point in our lives. But once we remember, we become WOW again. When we Wish Only Well,  we return to our original state of pure love - the only and true source of power.

As a visitor of WOW, you know what it has done for you. Do you think it would be good if everyone else in the world had a chance to feel it too? If so, make it happen!

YOU can make it happen. I am just one person, and I have reached over three million of you around the world so far. So if you do something too - IMAGINE what can happen!

Write to papers, magazines, radio and television stations and tell them about WOW. Tell them what it has done for you or someone you love. Why? Because WOW is about making people feel better about themselves and their world. And that concerns you, because you are here in this world, right now.

Tell the world that you WISH ONLY WELL!

Carmen Colombo
April 1999

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