Our First Review

John Robert Colombo is the author/editor of over 100 books largely devoted to the lore and literature of Canada. He is also a cultural commentator and communications consultant who has contributed to many of Canada's major newspapers, magazines, and journals. He is the General Editor of "The Canadian Global Almanac," an 800-page annual of "Facts about Canada and the World" published by Macmillan Canada. He was invited to visit wowzone and this is what he said about it:

"WOW Zone presents an idea that will, when implemented, civilize social relations and initiate an era of world peace and happiness. "WOW invites you to look at life with the wonder of a child, and see all the different reasons to say WOW!" Those three letters do not constitute a mantra, but they are an acronym. They stand for 'Wish Only Well'. It's another version of the Golden Rule."

John Robert Colombo and I are not related. In fact, we haven't even met in person yet. I contacted him because I read his work and respect him, and I thought it was interesting that we have the same family name. He immediately recognized the impact that wowzone will have, and is very helpful and encouraging! Thanks, J.R.!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
Spring 1997

Press Room

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