The following was submitted by Ben Field, who took a survey about UFO's. We are glad to publish the results and the story behind it...Thanks, Ben!

The Question 'Do you believe in Ufo's ?' was answered by 300 people. I asked the question to people in news groups on the net and to people living around my area.

What prompted me to ask the question ?

I have been interested in Ufos since I watched a program about them three years ago, since then I have brought many magazines and videos to do with Ufo's. Recently a friend of mine said how crazy I was and that nobody believes in this kind of thing, he said the only people who have seen ufo's are either wackos or just have a good imagination. This was when I decided to do the small survey, it wasn't just to prove him wrong, it was also to find out weather or not I was crazy. I think I got my answer and I proved my friend that he was the wacko one.

People say how you would have to have great technology to be able to travel across the universe and that it is impossible, but all you have to do is look at how far our own technology has progressed in the last 20 years and think what there will be in the next 20 years, I am sure we will have our own Ufo's and in the vast universe I am sure there is a civilization more than 20 years ahead of us.

The only other thing I can think ufo's could be related to is Time travel. Could a ufo be a time machine from the future? But this is another question to be asked some other time.

Whatever anyone says I think I will always look up and wonder !!!!


Two people had actually seen a UFO. Their stories are below : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


I believe It was in the year 1975, I was standing at a window looking the the direction of Frankfurt (About 17 miles away). I was enjoying the evening, there was a clear sky and it was in the evening. I observed a red light, which moved continuously horizontally to the right (east).- I thougt it was an aeroplane until it suddenly rushed up into the sky with unbelievable speed, so fast that it was nearly impossible to observe. The color turned from red to bright white at the moment that it changed direction. It disappeared in the a moment.- In the area no rockets would have been launched or similar stuff. Near by is the famous Frankfurt airport, but since I'm used to observing planes I can surely tell the difference between this, a bird or something else.- It was somthing else....! A Ufo ??? This story is not spectacular I know, but what a friend of mine (a best friend) saw, is much more like it:

This guy NEVER told his story to anybody exept me, because he can trust me.- I will not make him a laughing stock. I'm telling his story to you, because he will remain anonymous to you.

So sit back and relax and imagine the following: Near our city of Darmstadt (Germany) is an area called Odenwald, a mountenous place with serpentine roads in the forest.... One night a few years ago, my friend was driving home through that area, it was about 3 o'clock in the morning.- He was NOT drunk or high,...! We were having a musical event and we were both were playing in bands the evening before. On his long way home, about 2 hours ride, in the serpentine mountain area, he suddenly had to stop the car because a rather big UFO was floating over the street before his car. But he seemed not to be the target of what ever activities they had in mind. The thing was bright in colours (different colours) and had spotlights on all sides. Shape: round. Size: maybe 10-15 m. No noise (he didn't stop the engine of the car, so we do not really know if it was totally quiet). After five long minutes it released several smaller objects all shaped round with lights. These UFOs started to fly around in the area with very sudden moves, to and fro, back and forth. As they reunited, they disappeared behind a near by mountain... My friend continued to drive home, and he didn't tell anybody about this for years; that is typical for his quiet character.---

Another story: my mother, age 73, clear in the head an NOT believing in any UFO- stories till then, walked with the dog in the evening. Near our house is a big forest, and they used to go there every late evening.- (Now they are both dead). The dog was an Irish setter and was very friendly and normally did not bark much. All of a sudden he became like mad and a moment later very quiet again and fearful, he tried to hide under mother's coat. Mother, who was nearly blind, wondered what came over the dog!? In the next moment, something came from the sky with a very loud noise, like sshhhhhhh....!, landed before her and in the next moment it flew up again and disappeared. (Mother was very frightened). Since that day she watched every TV show about UFOs....but keeeping the experience to herself! That was about 15 years ago. And she didn't tell anybody, but before she died last year in October she did!!(We were watching a UFO- story on TV at the time).



I was lying on a car hood watching a clear, still starry sky in Sacramento. Friends were standing around the car having a conversation. I noticed a black disc blotting out background stars overhead (quarter at arm's length?) It was drifting very slowly, causing the thought of "unlit weather balloon at night?" to flash through my head. I would have pointed it out to the others at the next conversational pause, but abruptly it "turned its lights on". Three bright lights pulsed on at equidistant points around the disc, then a ring of dim lights around the edge, then three lines connecting the bright lights forming an equilateral triangle (inscribed within the disc). The disc was (or its lights were) rotating slowly. Quickly it began to rotate faster, while still drifting slowly. Suddenly it zipped off, streaking across the sky to the horizon *very* rapidly.

One other individual (whom I didn't know) was sitting on the front fender and saw the UFO's lights and streak. The other witness provided certain details of the sighting before I prompted them, reinforcing my perception.

I began the typical UFO witness obsessive hunt for answers. Needless to say, it gave me quite a chill to find that Strieber devoted an entire section to the meaning of the triangle symbol in "Communion".


Some other comments made:

I believe in life on different planets than earth, but it doesn't have to be that their technology is better than ours. So I don't believe in UFO's

Facing the facts in outer space (time,space and physical laws, light speed etc.) things like UFOs are impossible. The whole sky mechanic would have to be invented newly before believing in such things.

There are so many cover-ups that there must be something out there, why hide something that isn't there. ______________________

Ben Field

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