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Saint Leonard resident Carmen Colombo is founder of WOW. WOW Zone is online since June 1996, and its goal is to spread a powerful message of hope, peace and goodwill around the world. In addition to the basic WOW message and its meaning, there are stories, articles, poetry, links and special projects that reflect and illustrate the Wish Only Well philosophy.

Carmen Colombo

"We receive thousands of letters from around the world", says Colombo, "from people who believe that Wish Only Well is the ONE thing that we can all agree on. Its value in peaceful conflict resolution is attested to by people of all ages and backgrounds who use it in their daily lives. WOW Zone is a gathering point for pacifist activists for various causes. "Our philosophy is adopted by clubs, organizations, schools and individuals worldwide, and can bring about peaceful social relations on a global level. We are associated with International Earth Day, to help spread the Earth Trustee message, and we also created The Peace Education Project and the (r)evolution network."

Additionally, WOW Zone accepts submissions from visitors, which gives them exposure and the needed confidence to pursue their dreams. We also enable people to help themselves and others by sharing their talents and concerns, through our Special Requests section as well as throughout the site.

"We would like to be able to help all who write to us by providing resources and funding, and invite all potential sponsors to consider the impact they can have on the world by joining WOW, the most positive and dynamic global movement ever."

Carmen Colombo
WOW Zone

From Corriere Italiano, ANNO XLVIII no 2, Montreal 10 Gennaio 2001


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