This quizz has no score or interpretation. It's from a college Humanities class and its purpose is to help you look at your life. Notice how you may have different answers at different times throughout your life.  

1. If you were with your family in a boat that capsized far from shore and there was only one life preserver, would you...

a) save your spouse
b) save your child
c) save yourself

2. If you were stranded on a desert island, which would you rather have with you?

a) the complete works of Shakespeare
b) the Bible
c) a world history

3. Which of these would be most difficult for you to accept?

a) the death of a spouse
b) the death of a parent
c) your own death

4. How would you break off a three-year relationship with someone you've been dating steadily?

a) by telephone
b) by mail
c) in person

5. Which would concern you more as you grow older?

a) overweight
b) illness
c) declining vision

6. Which would be hardest to give up?

a) political freedom
b) economic freedom
c) religious freedom

7. During a protest, where would you most likely be found?

a) in the midst of it
b) in the restaurant, watching
c) at home

8. How would you rather spend a Saturday evening?

a) at a nightclub
b) at home with the family
c) at a party at a friend's house
d) at a party at your own home

9. Which best describes the way you handle money?

a) spend freely
b) always looking for bargains
c) budget carefully

10. Your friend has written a book which you think is terrible. If s/he asks for your opinion, what would you say?

a) the whole truth
b) what they want to hear
c) as much as you think they can handle

11. Which is the most beautiful sight to you?

a) a sunset
b) a person giving blood
c) a baby taking its first steps

12. Which is most important?

a) to work hard for the future
b) to love others
c) to know yourself

13. Which would you prefer to marry?

a) a rich person
b) a happy person
c) a famous person

14. If you were born with a great gift, which would you prefer?

a) a beautiful voice
b) artistic ability
c) skill with hands

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