What if...


You know, it's an amazing world. While in parts of it, people are desperate and dying, in other parts, people are partying. That's life, I guess. We get to laugh and cry...

Sometimes, some parts of the world need our attention and we must help. This is the metaphor of the world being like our body. If a part of our body is in danger, we must heal it, or face dire consequences.

We are in serious trouble, right now. What's happening in Kosovo is happening to all of us. What can we do?

When I think of the people of Kosovo, I can't imagine them saying WOW...but the rest of us can, and maybe, just maybe, the power of all of us joining together in saying it will comfort them in some way.

What do we have to say WOW about? Each one of us has a different reason...but this time, when we say it, let's Wish Only Well. Let's send positive vibrations into the collective unconscious. Who knows what can happen...

What if it is possible to change things by thought? What if we all Wish Only Well? Do we all have to do it at exactly the same time? That would be great...but why limit ourselves to that? Why wait for a particular moment to find something to say WOW about? Actually, I think that the more people say it at different times all day long around the world, the better. There are billions of us people on earth, you know. Can you imagine how many times the word WOW is said in a day? It must be said gazillions of times. Can you imagine what a world it would be if every time someone in the world said WOW, a blessing went along with it into the collective unconscious! And then, the blessing reflects back into every individual consciousness. Imagine!

So come on, say it with me: I Wish Only Well...WOW! Say it often...say it like you mean it! Out loud...to yourself...to everyone you meet.

Be a messenger of hope...Be WOW!

Carmen Colombo
April 7, 1999

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