Oct. 4, 1998 – Feast Day of St. Francis.

Earth Trustees think WOW!

WOW Zone features John McConnell and his Earth Trustee web site. Carmen Colombo (WOW) and John McConnell (Earth Trustees) both found inspiration for their efforts in the Prayer of St. Francis, whose feast day is celebrated around the world on October 4th.

The Prayer of St. Francis states: "Make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love…" It has been credited with helping resolve conflict in different parts of the world.

Mr. McConnell, founder of Earth Day, states that the combination of WOW (Wish Only Well) thinking and Earth Trustee action can defeat the hate, fear and violence that threatens civilization.

"We are faced with unprecedented use of greed and violence for senseless personal gain. Competing interests in business and politics no longer try to balance their actions with needed concern for the common good.

"Were the leaders and mass media to launch an all out attack against poverty, pollution and violence, with headlines for success stories, we would see a new era of prosperity -- instead of the threatened end of civilization.

"Wake Up World!" Let your wishes and actions say, "All will be well with you and your planet."


WOW Zone is honored to have John McConnell as an Official WOW Ambassador.

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