Love - Truth

A technique for achieving unity, that permits diversity.


Ideas, words, pictures, dogmas, teachings, rituals, etc. are not "truth," but may serve as symbols of "truth."

The symbols always convey meaning to the individual on two different levels at the same time:  On the mental - the rational level - and on the spiritual or emotional level of feeling (love-hate).


With mental-truth agreement is possible when dealing with material concrete things or ideas.  Two plus two equals four.  Water consists of H2O, etc.  

But when dealing with more complex or abstract ideas where the truth is less obvious, the life history of the individual has given unseen emotional content to so many of the symbols employed that mental agreement becomes difficult and sometimes impossible.

World unity is not possible through "Mental-Truth" - through words, slogans, theories, philosophy, religious teachings etc.  We will always have conflicting teachings in philosophy, religion, economics, politics.  And even in Science - especially the social sciences, because of the many factors (sometimes an infinite number) that have to do with these subjects.  Also the lack of universal and certain definitions of our word symbols - and the presence of emotional content in the symbols of even the most disciplined scientist, makes real unanimity in many of these subjects an impossibility. However, pursuing mental-truth is wise and important - as long as we realize its limitations.


The unique and most important fact about our world religions is that while the symbols differ and the "Mental-Truth" often appears to be in conflict with another "Mental-Truth," a great number of people in all religions (including the Atheist Religion and the Communist Religion) have found some positive factor in their symbols (perhaps a very tiny one) that has enabled them to find the ineffable mystery of a universal "Love-Truth."  This Love-Truth is something of the spirit - something of the emotions - something beyond mental symbols (words, ritual, music, art) but realized and experienced through many of the symbols each person has come to accept through a spiritual interpretation of the symbol.

While accepting them, the individual's feelings and experiences have modified them.  To the Catholic who has found "Love-Truth", the symbol of the Mass will have been modified by his own feelings and experience till it is uniquely his own.  Strangely, the Communist can do the same with the singing of the "International".  If they have found "Love-Truth", both may experience through these conflicting symbols the same feelings - which one may call "Love of God" and the other "Love of man" or "rights of man".  But the actual feeling - the experience, the attitude, the inspiration - is the same in each of them and will be reflected in some kindness or tenderness to their friends or neighbors.


World unity cannot be achieved through "Mental-Truth" - i.e. through striving for a World Religion or ideology.  But it can be achieved if we recognize that the truth is something beyond the symbol.  That the greatest truth is "Love-Truth"  - which is a condition of the spirit that transcends the limitations or distortions of the mind.

When this is more fully recognized, hostilities between nations will cease, prejudice between peoples will wane, and people of goodwill will increase.

The search for "Mental-Truth" will continue - but it will be in a world that is safe for diversity because the "God in me greets the God in you."  

If the word-symbol "God" bothers you, we can say, "The good in me greets the good in you."

John McConnell
Feb. 11, 1964

You are invited to see and use the real peace sign and learn the meaning behind it.


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