Power Of WOW

Do you have the impression that being WOW is being passive? Do you think that it would make you weak, soft, a bleeding heart, too altruistic, too out there?

Consider this: WOW is Wish ONLY Well, not Wish OTHERS Well. Does it sound the same to you? It isn't.

What's the difference? The difference is that when you wish ONLY well, you include yourself. Of course you should wish others well, but first and foremost, you should wish for what is best for all concerned, including you.

It would not be WOW if it weren't so. If we wish well for others but not for ourselves, how truthful are we really being? No matter how self-sacrificing you are, it doesn't make sense. Besides, not appreciating and respecting your own life is certainly not WOW. How can you wish others well, if you don't care for yourself? What good is your wish?

When should you WOW? The simple answer is all the time. It should be as natural as breathing. The reason is simple too: because when you THINK, you want to do the right thing. The problem is that many of us forget to think. In the heat of an argument, we forget everything that's good for us. We get caught up, sucked in, blind. After the fact, when we calm down, we realize how futile and damaging it all was.

The point is to THINK before things get out of hand. That's why making WOW a habit can help you during your crisis, and more importantly, it can help avoid crisis altogether.

Peacemakers are not weak. It takes much more strength to look for solutions than to contribute to problems.

About the power of wishes:

A wish is something that becomes a part of you, because you think about it, feel it, desire it. Whenever you put that much focus on anything - any wish - whether it be good or bad, it will come to pass. Why? Because we are powerful beings. We have the power to control our own destiny, which is known as free will. Therefore, by becoming a part of you, your wish is as powerful as you are.

Making the Power of WOW work for you:

Do you realize that if you Wish ONLY Well, you can create your own world into what you wish? And what is your own world? It's the place in life where you are: your present conditions, circumstances, family, friends, work, environment - in other words, your LIFE. If every individual would wish only well for their own world, wouldn't that make the whole world better?

Are we doing it to be selfish? No. Are we doing to be altruistic? No. We do it because it's logical. You reap what you sow, it's as simple as that. If you plant tomatoes in your garden, don't expect anything other than tomatoes. And if you plant weeds, expect weeds.

We create our own world - and by extension, the whole world, every minute. Make the Power of WOW work for you.

Wishing Only Well,

Carmen Colombo
June 1999