Carmen Colombo & Tom Green

Carmen Colombo of and Tom Green


Tom Green visited WOW Zone Canada to meet with me on Wednesday, May 14th, 2003.  And what a great visit it was! Lucky for me, I know about Tom Green and his practical jokes. For over 2 hours, he tried every angle to crack me up by asking me hysterically funny questions with a straight face. I think I did a good job holding my own. And WOW, did we have a BLAST! We laughed so much that we could have gone on all day...

It all started when I got a call on Monday from Mr. Burt Dubrow, the Executive Producer of the New Tom Green Show on MTV in California. He said that Tom was on his way to Canada and they wanted to interview me. Was I possibly available on Wednesday afternoon?

What could I say? All I could think of was: "sounds good!" 

Terrific, he said, someone will be in touch with you.

The following day, Derek Harvie called me to give me details. Can you handle about 45 minutes of us? he asked. With pleasure, I replied. But we had such a great time, that over 2 hours flew by. They're welcome to visit again, anytime!

Here are some pictures we took. I gave each of them a WOW Pin, and Tom asked me to put it on him personally. How nice...or like he said...WOW!!!


wow - wish only well - from Tom Green (  
WOW from Tom Green

WOW from Derek Harvie, Tom Green, Ray Hagel
WOW from Derek Harvie, Tom Green, and Ray Hagel

May 14, 2003


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