The goal of The WOW Peace Education Project is to spread a powerful message of hope, peace and goodwill around the world.  It is a collection of ideas and actions taken on and off the Internet -  through web pages, mailing lists, newsletters, posters, radio, television, and by any positive means, that help promote peace. 

Anyone can participate. 

The WOW Peace Education Project is an initiative of WOW Zone and has spun off groups called "WOW Club", "WOW Project", "WOWPOWER", "WOWPEP", "ThinkWOW" (r)evolution, and other variations of the WOW theme. As far as we know, they all relate to our site, WOW Zone, and are based on the Wish Only Well Philosophy. Many of these groups are in remote corners of the world where the Internet is not easily accessible, and their only means of participating is through printouts from this site. 

We welcome everyone to use whatever will help them from the WOW Zone site. Please remember to read the legal stuff.

If you want to be a part of the WOW Peace Education Project, or have an idea that you want to share with the world, please write to us at:



Peace Education. Is it a curriculum? 
By Ann Mason, Pultney Grammar School, South Australia

Empowering Kids to Deal with Bullies and Low Self-esteem
By Kathy Noll, Author - "Taking the Bully by the Horns"

A Long-Term Plan To Prevent Violence in Society
by Judy Pokras

Where do they learn those things?
By David Drane

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