In August 1999, proudly introduced

Wellens' Life Cycle Dynamics

a unique, revolutionary system designed to help you understand your life.

We are pleased to announce that Rik now has his own domain.

The site is about the repeating life cycles (ex. the 7 years cycle) and their impact on our day by day evolving life. In using different long- and short-term life cycles, it is possible to unravel the creative force in your personal life. In function of health, creativity and life power, a personal pattern of evolution is detectable and established. This gives insights in health and sickness, in good- or bad luck, in creation or destruction. Also in studying, your job, in pregnancy, relationships and in the work team to name just a few. As a matter of fact, it can cover the all of human life, performance and development.

This work with the Life Cycles Matrix Diagram (free download) can be used in personal as well as business applications and serves the goal of better understanding your own inner life flow to give an extra indication about the future in upcoming months. It is feasible for the motivated pupil (- yourself) and is also of great use in therapeutic settings, applied by professional therapists, counselors or biographic consultants. It is even an extra tool for the human resources manager and the outplacement consultant and can be of great use in understanding the dynamics in the management of a small to medium sized business.

It is possible to use this work in the understanding of 'soul quality' relationships between family members or partners in a relationship and with children and it constitutes an extra input when studying genealogy and the family history tree on a Life Cycles Matrix Diagram.

It also serves the purpose of integrating the energy of the 4 archetypes (Warrior and King, Lover and Magician and their female counterparts) into the system of the 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water). This usage is an extra dimension into the work with a personal energy tendency and psychological profile as well - better organization in the workplace.

In observing the development of the synchronistic links between life cycles, it becomes possible to unravel the inner core of the energy that creates your own, personal, FREE LIFE on this Earth (if you like freedom as your choice).

The work is based on 23 years of data and 3 years of scientific research in synchronistic events and can be applied in your own personal life circumstances and life circle. You can get fruitful results by devoting only 3 min. every three days to it (but nobody forbids you to do more!).

The work with synchronicity and life cycles is also an efficient method to come into contact with your own inner deep self. Synchronicity is much more than some peculiar coincidences. The use of this new system serves as an assistant in all kind of meditation disciplines while it creates the way to see the world as a whole. This way of viewing is called 'Meta View' and serves as a good aid in all kinds of mind and consciousness development.

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