Letters to WOW # 11        

I would like to add my name to the WOW list.  It has been a wonderful experience finding this website.  I have recently began making major changes in my life.  I'm beginning to live life and experience it instead of just moving through and not being aware of all around me.  Thank you for all the joy you bring to those around you.

Meredith Mickle

Dear Carmen,
Thank you for the opportunity to add my name to this most exciting list of those who have risen above the heights of heaven in the mind to think you are responsible to overcome all obstacles in our path.
Thank you,
your sister in the struggle
Charisse Muhammad

GREAT SITE!  I am forwarding your message to family and friends.  Thank you for the inspiration.

Cindy Challis Orr

I loved your story about the poppies, I hope that one day I will find my poppies, thanks for the inspiration.  I wish I new Italian so that I could read the song that the Sisters thought you.

Thank you again,
Sarah Myers

Hello.  Please add me to the list.  This is a wonderful site, I'm glad I ran into it.

Ivy Cabanday

Please add my name o the WOW list, I have recently found this site and think it is great! I believe in the same things but have had more downs than ups over the past two - three years due to deaths and there is still more to come, so finding this site is a very good thing for me, I shall be visiting here often and will also link my site to WOW!
Teresa Seed

Please add my name to the official WOW list.  What a wonderful site!  How did I never find it until today??  I will add it to my website and tell everyone I know.

Much love,

Terri Sammarco

Dear Ms. Carmen Colombo, 

WOW. What a find. I came across this site purely by accident or so it would seem. Accident or divine intervention - I could not have come across it at a better time. The current world events have slowly led me to a feeling of hopelessness for the human race. I suspect I am not in the minority here. And then to come across a site like this. WOW. Here I have found kindred spirits and inspiring messages that gives us hope and an avenue to spread the message of love and peace for all. I will spread the word about this site and hope more people will join us here in an effort to make the world if not a perfect place, at least a better place, to leave our children. Thank you for this great initiative. You have done here what a lot of us just talk about. Now lets hope that collectively we can make a difference. From now on, I too will proudly raise three fingers to all. It would be an honor to add my name to your list.

Wishing you and the world well.

Nita Patel

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