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Do you say anything about the exploitation of the animals on the earth, for filthy profit and and the destruction of the planet as the direct result OF it? The result of our neglect, and our cruelties, even to the animal kingdom would seem to deserve some effect upon us, tit for tat... and it will surely come. Have you heard about permits to expand pig "farming" to millions more? Many of us sure hope you are also making THESE facts known. We love you.

Thanks, Georgiana

Editor's Note: We will be addressing this any many other issues in an article called "Answers to Unanswerable Questions" soon.

Hi Carmen --

I came across your site today, and I really like it.  It is a life motto and goal that I am going to pursue. Keep up the good work.

I can imagine that I am not the first to bring this to your attention, but I did not notice this mentioned in your letters about the sign.

The "W" sign is the handsign of George "W" Bush.  It was exchanged between Americans during the ill-fated 2000 presidential election. As you might know, the exiting Clinton staffers stole all of the "W"
letters from the White House keyboards.

If I saw a "W" from someone before today, I would assume he was a pro-Bush person, which these days is very pro-war, very pro wishing ill on others.

Just a thought!  I didn't want to take for granted that this Americanism is internationally known.


Editor's Note: Please see our response to President Bush's picture on WOW Zone at www.wowzone.com/bush.htm

I visited your site.. Great links and informative. The world is a better place because of people like you.

Rob Conklin


Thanks  for the article about why the USA's military  should stay out of Iraq.

The advice "When killing demons, show no mercy", agrees with "I wish you only well."  Demons hurt others, and deserve to die, because of the pain they cause others.  Peace requires justice.   When everyone is good, then only good happens.  Creation needs a purpose.  Do you know what it is?


Hello dear Carmen

I am an Iranian girl who loves peace very much. But I cannot find it in any part of the world. (I am not very good in English you'll forgive me), but I wanted to describe my feelings about the war for you, because I believe that you do not agree with war either. My country has fought with Iraq for eight years, you know. My people have many problems with the damages of the war still, so I know how the war can be terrible. I found your site accidentally, and I understood that it is what I have been searching for a long time. By the way, I traveled to Iraq six months ago. The Iraq people were so loyal and lovely that I can not believe my eyes. It looks that we hadn't any war with each other never ever. I think they are bored and tired too. I don't know what is their crime (I mean they are innocent) that they should be punished for it. I love all people, the nationality and religion is not important for me. Their happiness is the main case. I wish I could solve all the problems between people and countries, knowing it is impossible. I know that my letter became very long but I have many things in my heart that I like to tell you. I am happy and I want to share my happiness with the other people all around the world, but I don't know how. I wish a world full of happiness and justice for everybody.

Wish only well


I was watching the Superbowl tonight and sting came on singing "message in a bottle" and it took me back a few years. I remembered "winds of change" by the Scorpions and decided to look it up. I never knew the lyrics to the song until now but I had always associated it with the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. I was lucky enough to see this first hand as I was in the military at the time and was stationed near Berlin . The emotions that I felt seeing families re-united, and just the general happiness and relief that I saw on these freed peoples faces was exhilarating. I hugged a lot of people that I,  had never met nor will I probably ever meet again but we all understood as human beings what this meant. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Thank you for posting these lyrics, they bring it all home.

Scott Wiongerter

Hi, I have maintained - and not all are happy to hear it - that if Bush is a "Christian" - then why didn't he act in a Christ Like manner - right after the attack he would have gotten on TV and APOLOGIZED FOR ALL THE HORRIBLE THINGS WE HAVE DONE TO THEIR COUNTRY - FOR REPEATEDLY RAPING THEM OF THEIR RESOURCES FOR OUR GAIN - FOR BOMBING - TERRORIZING AND CONTROLLING THEM THROUGH OTHER UNSPEAKABLE ABUSES! He would have ADMITTED that WE - US - OUR ACTIONS are the reason they hate us! Who is so blind that they would believe that hatred like that just exists - without provocation - in a bubble!! He would have apologized for treating them in a manner that we would shutter if we were treated. No wonder they raise their children to Hate us! Look what WE have done - let's stop looking at what they are doing and LOOK AT OURSELVES!!

Unfortunately I'm sure that if he HAD done this he would have been dead within the hour! BUT THAT IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!!! To ever get passed WAR - that is what needs to be done!!! An APOLOGY CAMPAIGN!! Then eventually they will apologize too - and the love can then again be uncovered!

Thanks for your time and the site.


WOW, IS RIGHT........WHAT A SITE........I SHARED THIS WITH EVERYONE ON MY E-MAIL LIST.........(even the unenlightened ones) in hoping this will help them become more enlightened.......ha..........thanks for all your hard work ! ! ! ! !


Carmen, I love your poetry: a lot of them hit home and touched my heart.  My daughter and I were sitting at the computer together and found your site.  You're doing a great work, and I can't wait to share your site and poetry with my 4 sisters.  It's a joy to have something to look forward to at the end of the day.  Thanks for a very positive message and hope you have given me.  WOW to you.

Natali Zamora

Wishing you well.  May you prosper even as your soul prospers.

Dr. C.R. Frangella

Thanks for the wonderful letters, and keep them coming!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
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