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Your website is your real estate in cyberspace. And like any good real estate agent will tell you, the three most important things in real estate are: Location, location, and location. If you're in a high traffic area, there is a greater chance for you to do business.

Being on WOW Zone, you're on center stage for an enormous worldwide audience. Whether we feature a story, a product or a service, it's found in first page results of major search engines like  We have a proven track record and we choose who we work with. We have millions of vigilant eyes all over the world, who help us stay on the positive side, and who basically decide who can be on WOW Zone, and who cannot.

Therefore, if you have a great product or service, and we agree to work with you, our placement strategy for maximum exposure can almost guarantee your success. 

We are pioneers on the internet and have contributed greatly to what it is today. When we went online on June 13, 1996, there were a few million web pages on the Internet. Ten years later, there are over 10 BILLION web pages online. YES, you read it right. That's because everybody realizes that if you're not on the internet, you are not in business. Back when we started, not even the major American Television Networks had a site yet. Now every show and everyone who is in any kind of business has a website, even if it's just for contact information only, like a virtual business card. 

Success on the Internet is a great part of your total success, since the Internet is a tool that has no barriers. The possibilities are endless.

Tell us about yourself, your Company, your goals and your budget. We have a range of advertising packages and are open to mutually beneficial propositions. If you already have a website but have no visibility, please send us the web site address (url) so that we can asses the best way to help you. 

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