Letters to WOW # 5

Thank you for your page. I have lived as you suggest to and it was wonderful. Some personal heavy drama/trauma made it difficult to get back to that place. Currently, I'm going through some very emotionally difficult times, and it's really hard not to feel resentful of other people. I've been looking for something to help me refocus. Here you are! Thanks!


I enjoy your site! A quote by Voltaire says, "Appreciation is a wonderful thing, it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well".......It brings a warm feeling to me to tell you just how much I appreciate your efforts and time in WOW. Thank you! Cherie'

Carmen, I was one of the many who were taken in by the "Jessica Mydek" story, and then put right by one of the forwardees.... He sent me your URL, which I've just been reading. THANK YOU for launching such a lovely thing - I'd say "WAWI" - What A Wonderful Idea!

WOW to you and everyone there.

Cecilia Bingham

Hi Carmen,

If everything were an eye for an eye everyone would be blind......this phrase was spoken by Mohatmas Gandhi of India. I visited your website and alot of the information indicated what type of a person you are, and what you went through. I sincerely believe you are a woman of courage and honour. May God Guide you through this world, peacefully, happily and especially with good health. Furthermore, it is a duty bestowed upon me as well as other Muslims to address to you the following:

"Seek the Will of God" "Nothing More" "Nothing Less" "Nothing Else".

PS. Please do include my name in the WOW friends, and keep in touch.

Fiman-Allah (May God Protect You)

Yasir Mirza

Hello, I'm writing to you so you can add my name to your list. After reading through your literature, it struck a cord with me in a very positive way. I have recently had a terrible time communicating with my son's new fiancée...I can't seem to say or do anything right by her anymore. She constantly analyses my every word never holding back her verbal opinions of me. It is very hard to bite my tongue (in my older age) when she is throwing obscenities at me. I've often thought if I could only retort back to her in a positive way maybe she would 'back-off' a little. You have given me a wonderful way to respond to her harsh criticism!!! Maybe the genuine love and expression in those three little words will make her think next time before she's bitter towards me. I try to keep the peace for my son's sake. I know he deeply loves her. Thank you so much for your help! You've been a Godsend.
With warmest regards,

Lucy Ramos

Dear Carmen:

I am also a real vegetarian, with no exceptions of eating meat in any way, I agree, you cannot be a vegetarian, if you eat meat, it is that simple!!

Animals are to be loved and cared for, not tortured and eaten. It is so simple, but too many people don't care, and would rather remain ignorant to the fact that they are contributing on a daily basis, to animal suffering, even when they know they are, once someone informs them, ignorance still prevails!

I am a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and I commend you for announcing your position of Love for the Animals! If we love animals, we are not going to eat them!! God Bless You!!


Holly LaGalante

PS... >From an animals point of view, how loved would people feel, if Jeffrey Dahlmer came to pay them a visit? This guy really enjoyed killing people and then eating them. It makes one wonder about the karma of carnivorism.

All people need to do is put themselves in the position of the innocent animal, and ask themselves if they would like to be raised with pain and suffering and then die, only so they can be worn, tested on, or eaten. ALL people would say NO!!!!!


Lovely site you have my dear. Looks like the year 2000 is heading towards the right direction. It's all about keeping the contract we've made with our divine creator. One of my favorite readings is The Prophet- even used lines from his book as some of my marriage vows to my husband. Keep this site updated so many generations will be around to endure this precious place

Many best!


Please add my name to the WOW list ! I love people and try to see the good in all . I hope this really catches on . The world needs it , so many people are unhappy . They have learned how to survive but not how to love without question . It's an empty sort of existence , worshiping material things and missing all the love . My theory is that people are insecure and afraid to love. So we should all give them the benefit of the doubt and look for only the good inside them . I WISH YOU ONLY WELL!!!

Julie, Ron and Ted Buck

What an inspirational story. Especially the tragic experiences that you had within a short period of time. 3 cat lives...........

What surprises me is that you said ......I'm just LUCKY, I guess. Must have been a figure of speech........THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LUCK !!!!!!

God put everyone here for a purpose. That's why you still are here. I believe this because that is what I have been shown in my life. I am 36 yrs. old. Have also gone through things where I nor my child should not be here. Have been shown signs and messages of why I am here.

I'm sure you've been shown too. I can tell from this page.

Take care of yourself Carmen,

Shana M. Robinson

I enjoyed reading the article................

Hello Carmen,

I visited your web site for the first time today, and I enjoyed it very much. I felt so good after I read many stories, and poetry from your site. I heard of it through, Silvia Browne's web page. I wanted my name to be listed on your list of names on your site, Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Heather Patton. I live in Michigan. I think WOW is a great Organization to have around. After reading what you had to say, I've really thought about me, and my place here on earth. I felt special after reading things you had on your site, and others you had on your page. I just wanted to say keep up the good work, and I to will try to do my part in making this world a better place to live:) I'll keep my eyes out for my name on your list. That will make me feel REALLY special to know you read this letter, and heard what I had to say.

Heather Patton, MI

Hi, my name is Theodore Colombo. I'd forgotten my father's (J. R. Colombo) web site address, so I performed a search in order to find it. It was then that I came across your site and your story. I was impressed by your ease of expression, honesty, and transparent integrity. As a student of history, I enjoyed your contemporary adaptation (even adoption?) of the golden rule. Please keep up the inspiring work.



Hey, good for you!!!!! I think of more women stuck up for themselves, maybe the world would be a better place. I am happy to hear that you are finally able to do the things you want. Give yourself a big hug and a pat on the back!!!!


Dear Carmen,

I wish you only WELL. What an uplifting site. Thank you.

Take care of you,


Carmen--This is truly beautiful. How many go through life never walking the talk. You are a gift from God thanks for sharing your insight with others. I am computer illiterate and have not found many things worth spending my time on--nor do I know how to get from place to place. This was not coincidental that I happened on to you. Hoping to see you again and sharing your light and gifts. Keep up the good work.

Rita Rayls

Wow is a beautiful philosophy. I am a recent graduate of the University of Delaware with a degree in Philosophy. WOW, in a modified version, is one of my most valued principles. It is crucial and kind that we consider our actions and speech before implementing them. The best way to do this is by asking," Would I want someone to do this or say this to me?" When the answer is yes (hopefully more often than not), I am proud of myself and who I have become over the past four years. WOW is the most inspiring idea that I have heard since I have left the classroom. thank you.

Lisa Kurucz

I really hope I can incorporate this way of thinking into my life. I know with some effort that I can. When I'm angry I say mean things sometimes, and believe it or not, I always hear a voice in the back of my head telling me to think before I speak. But for some reason I don't all the time like I should. Besides all of that, I also want to say, for the benefit of myself and all the people around me, add my name to the WOW list, please.

Marie Bocchichio

Good Idea! I hope the whole World Catches On. So I'm Wishing you Only Well From Novi Michigan (Detroit area)

Brad Bukowski

I know this providence. I was searching Yahoo for something totally different when I came across your site. As I kept scrolling through the list I kept coming across different listings of your site.

I kept saying in my negative mind "Yeah, right, they want money or something like that!!" but I did finally go to it.

What a wonderful concept! At a time when most people need something this simple to keep their faith and morals up.

Thank you. Please add my name: T. Bell

I'm 14 years old and I've been a vegetarian for like 3 years. And I'm getting so sick of people not understanding it. When I read your reasons it really made me believe that there is a chance that everyone will soon realize how wrong, and frankly gross, it is to eat another living thing. Everything you said is exactly how I feel. My parents told me that I would never stick to it and, even though they knew I hated meat, I would never be able to turn down McDonalds. I just wanted to say that what you said really makes sense to me.

thanks, Carolyn

I just found your site and it is so wonderful and so refreshing! I work with people with disabilities and I try to teach them to be kind to others and always show respect, no matter what people's circumstances are. My grandmother has always told me that you can't give more than you get back and I have found that to be so true in my own life. Even though some of my clients don't have much money, I encourage them to visit nursing homes with me and feed the homeless. Since I've been doing this, I have really noticed a change in them. Those who seem to have been given the least, give back the most. I have grown and learned so much from my special friends. Thank you for giving back! Thank you for WOW! I will share it with all my friends.

Jill Sneed
Charleston, SC Sneedfish@aol.com

Hello Carmen, I just this morning found myself reading through Sylvia Browne's home page. A prolific day of inner thoughts and questions and choices followed.

I have just read through your "what is wow" page, and how you came to create "Wish only Well". May this be an addition to your well deserved wish only well returns, and a beginning, from me, to many others .

I look forward to reading and understanding much more of Sylvia Browne's work, and while unlocking all these closed life doors that her work illuminates, Wishing only Well will walk with me!

Thank You For Sharing Your Thoughts

Ed Nelson.

Dear Ms. Colombo,

I have just finished reading your webpage on "WOW's" origin and I couldn't help but thank the High Heavens for the "enlightenment" that you received on that particular incident in your past.

My mother, my siblings and I also have suffered a lot, emotionally and psychologically, when my father was still alive. Upon his death, it was as if a heavy cloud was lifted from us and for the first time in years, we were all able to breath freely. Eventually, I came to the realization that whatever he was before, he was only used as an instrument for our family to grow and mature spiritually. My mother is still alive and enjoying the kind of life right now that she didn't have before, while my siblings and I am happy with our families. Despite of it all, we never lost our hope for a better life and future, having been blessed by spurts of enlightenment or "divine/higher-self wisdom" during those times when we think that we are down.

Good luck to you and to all your endeavors.

Serey Altarejos

Wouldn't it be nice to see the WOW sign become a universal symbol used by people all over the world. With a lot of publicity and loving people I think it could happen. Keep up the good work.

Michael Guirate

Hello :

I can across your website via a link from the Sylvia Brownie's Website.

I really liked the WOW Sign.
In Jewish Religion, this is the sign used to cover the face and do Shema Yesrael with the right hand. The Thumb and small finger rests on the right and left eye respectively. And the three fingers are placed on the forehead to form a Hebrew alphabet Sheen.

This sign can also be used by people in the Psycho-Symbology sessions.

Wishing Only Well.
Elieazer Gadkar

Thanks for the wonderful letters, and keep them coming!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
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