Letters to WOW # 4

I think the WOW sign is pretty cool, and no, it doesn't look like the Boy Scout sign.  Their fingers are closed together. Just thought you should know, the pinkie and thumb make a natural "O," therefore, if you take the WOW sign and wave it by turning your hand (ALA the beauty queen in a parade) you automatically give the person you're waving to all three letters of WOW.
Sincerely --
Theresa Riga

What a wonderful page.  I was fascinated and completely overtaken by your message.  I am a strong believer in humanity and I couldn't think of a better symbol to celebrate it.   
I hope you are able to stay on the web forever.  It is becoming a powerful tool; one where wars will be won -- wars such as the one you are fighting here, for a better world.  Peace to all and WOW!!  
Troy & Kim Henke
British Columbia, Canada

Just a "thank you" for your web-site (and the opportunity to send an Easter greeting to a dear family member in another city). I read your testimony, and can only say God is good! To think that the all-mighty creator of the entire universe came into this world in order to convey to us humans the secret of life is almost too fantastic to digest (it's no wonder so many don't see - and without God it would be impossible for any of us). So, yes, I am so very happy to be able to agree with you - WOW; it is true, a principle of Christ, the sowing and reaping, a very blessed lesson in humbleness. May you have a Happy and Blessed Easter.

Dorlouwhit (Doris Whitford)

Most of my life I have not believed in the bible or in Jesus. However reading what you have written, makes me believe that the term "Christ like" is one of universal appeal, and something we should all try a little harder to achieve each day ---

Justin Ghandhi

Hello Ms. Colombo,

I just wanted to tell you that I read a column that you had written and that I was very pleased when done. You made some very good points and I only wish that we as a society will "wake up" and realize what we are doing to ourselves. Anyway keep up the good writing and take care.


I was just sending some email cards to friends and saw WOW as a link. Well, I found myself reading on and liking what I read. I'm for the advocating of positive "active", simple yet profound everyday things we can share with each other. Please add my name to the list and I applaud you for this effort.

Ithabise! (Celebrate)


What a wonderful sign. Great idea, I will use it myself to pass on the WOW

Amelia Saxon

From Hawa`i........Wishing Only Well!!
E O MAI, I love the WOW sign. It also means..........WE, and in this life WE are not alone.


Hola escrivo para incluirme en la lista y deserarles a todos lo mejor, yo vivo en Uruguay y tengo 27 aņos. Mucha suerte! Laura

Hi, Thank You for the added little extra lift you just gave me.....:) The sign is GREAT..........it signifies alot................Just when I am feeling low about my life....as I am very hard on myself........and what I have accomplished. You gave me a new lift..............needing this very much, cause I am starting a new job opportunity and I need a new fresh look and feeling. I have it now.....WOW.......................:)

Thank You
Debbie Boswell

Wow to you. Have a happy day, I'm glad to have found your page on the web. I'm spreading you around to my friends on the web. Thank you. xo WOW!!!!

always keep your dreams and wishes alive inside....dreams can come true..and wishes too!!! RainbowWisher

After all of the judgment and condemnation that comes from most web sites like this, it's nice to find a place where people just care about one another. There's too much hate, pain, and war in this world. (Even 1 war is 1 too many.) This is a wonderful place of refuge from all of that. It's proof that there is still a glimmer of hope and goodness in humanity. Thank you for showing that.

Best wishes, Dave

What a wonderful way to wish others and yourself well. I'm familiar with a few of the old wisdom ways of several cultures, and I think your way just about sums it all up very neatly. Thank you for putting it out in the world. I work with some 10-15 year olds and I think that what you have to say would be useful for them and it is non religious enough in a secular setting. They are kids in trouble or "at risk". I could wish them well.

Wishing you very well,
Charlotte Schaefers

The WOW sign is wonderful. I can't wait to share it with others. Thank you for such beautiful thoughts.

Terri Kardos

Re: Freddie Prinze

I too was in high school when the terrible news of a wonderful life lost to the chaos of drugs and Hollywood, reached me. I faced some difficult times during those years and drew inspiration from Freddie's struggle for success. I also got alot of much needed laughs from his show. Tears and prayers marked that 37hour period. I won't ever forget the deep sadness I felt for someone I really didn't know and for the reality of the promise lost.

The last few days I've had a strange, at times haunting sense of Freddie. That was the reason I was here today. I felt there must be some message I need to hear and felt I might find it here. I did.

Your beautiful interpretation of the 23 Psalm moved me. You are right in saying it is a prayer for living, unfortunately, we too often only stop to pray when things are looking desperate, or in hopes that it is not too late.

Life is mysterious and purposeful and to that end I am glad to know that he has touched others lives. I only wish that someone had been able to touch his before it was too late.

I keep him in my prayers and my heart and again thank you.


We are worried about what's happening here in Europe and we think that our governments nor UN is acting enough for peace! Do you have any ideas? How could we make the grass-level help? AWAKEN !

A full-scale war is about to break out in Kosovo. An international effort is needed in order to solve this crisis. Please, send this message to your friends. Especially to those who live outside your own country.

Tatiana from Finland with her friends

Please add my name to your WOW list. we need to pass along the word

Barbara Malkus

You are truly a remarkable woman I enjoy reading your story. WOW to you and all your family.

Ray Gonzalez

Re the wow sign,

my thoughts: it is cool I believe we need more like that

thanx Brandi

please add my name to your wow list...I really like your web...I try to live my life in this manner daily....

Elaine Morrison

HI! My name is Tammy and I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. I just stumbled upon WOW's page and was so glad that I did! I've never enjoyed a page so much in my life! I have been reading & reading...I can't seem to pull myself away from my computer! The stories & things I've read are so amazing and have really touched my heart! I am so glad that there are people like you in this world! I agree with so many of your views & outlooks on life, etc. I truly believe that "there is good in everyone...with some people you just have to look harder to find it". Actually, that was the quote I wrote in my high school yearbook when I graduated. I have always thought that a person could brighten anyone's day with a cheerful smile & kind words. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your page & I will definitely be visiting it again. Take care. Keep smiling :-)

Wishing Only Well!


Thanks for the wonderful letters, and keep them coming!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
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