Letters to WOW # 2

WOW can be used as an aid to teaching children about LOVE in the world.

An excellent way of reminding ourselves the positive aspect of life and living. A universal sign of Love and Peace to all of God creatures.


It's a beautiful world still...I stumbled onto your website and wanted you to know that I was deeply touched by it. What a beautiful concept!! I recently launched http://sageplace.com and wondered if you might be interested in exchanging links. If you are, just give me a short sentence letting me know how you'd like me to describe your site on my "Gifts from the Web Page" and thanks so very much for the gift....

With Admiration and Appreciation - you truly are a Pathfinder

Tammie Fowles

It gets my 3 fingers up!!! WOW !!!

Kathy Daniel

Dear Carmen et al;

Please add me to your friends list. I think the WOW project is an absolutely wonderful venture and you have my utmost respect and support. Blessed be;

RavenFair KJ Gordon

my homepage address: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/3834 

I think the WOW sign is terrific!

Thank you for helping to heal our Earth!!!

God Bless You!

Sherry A.Winkler 

Dear WOW,

My name is Allison Lim and I am a journalist in Singapore. I am currently helping a friend write a book about movements like yours from all over the world which encourage people to make the world a better place to live in.

In Singapore, we have a relatively new movement called the Singapore Kindness Movement. It encourages people to perform small kind acts for somebody every day, very much like ""Random Acts of Kindness'' in the U.S.

I would appreciate if I could get more information about your organization and if you will allow me to use some of the information I have found on your web-site.

The proceeds from the book which we are writing will go towards building a childcare centre for children in poor families. We hope that once the centre is built, mothers will be able to leave their children there while they go out and work.

I hope to hear from you shortly.


Allison Lim e-mail: allison@post1.com 

the WOW sign is wonderful! I often use the sign of 'i love you', but it is sometimes either not appropriate or not understood by some..... I will use the WOW sign and pass it on to my teen children to use with their friends!!!

Wishing you all only well!


Dear Carmen,

WOW is exceptional because its simplicity, honesty, and pureness reaches out to everyone. In the hour I spent browsing through the site I laughed, smiled, and even got glossy eyed. You spread yourself open like a dove revealing your weaknesses and your strengths but most of all your beauty. Entering WOW is like looking in the mirror and liking yourself. I was told I'd probably like your site and I do. If someone was to ask me to describe WOW I'd simply say," It's a nice place to be." I love that your not intimidated by Mr. Grumpy and welcome his interesting views, but I almost have to think someone popped his balloon when he was very little. This doesn't mean I don't like Mr. Grumpy I think he is a natural writer and should have his very own web site encouraging debates, who knows it could be very enlightening.

Smile 101 

all I can say is WOW. I try to make the world a better place for other people. I try to make people happy because I'm glad to be alive. I talked a person from doing harm to themselves. You have to love life, I do. I am also going to do the WOW sign from now on.

e-mail obe@theonramp.net. 


Thank you so much for such a great place to rest. Just flew in from Kansas.

Angel Lady 

I think the WOW sign is pretty neat! I also like the four fingers up on a hand , it stands for hugs.....

Thank you,

I accept your challenge and hope to do good in my daily living.

Rice C. 

WOW is great! What a wonderful idea. I will treasure the inspiration and share the WOW! Thank you!!

Ginger Weber-York :-) W;-) 

Dearest Carmen,

I accidentally came across your "WOW" website, (or was it accidental), while sitting at my pc to fill lonely hrs as I often do. I want to be honest, and I do believe you will come across this note sooner or later. I also want to say up front, that I feel like confiding details of my life, that no one is aware of. I started crying when my monitor displayed your words about your abusive relationship, and how you turned it into WOW. It touched my heart, and I know you are real, because no ghost or character could have made such an impression on me.

Please ad my name to the WOW friends list. God Bless,

Krystal Ren'e Dyment 

Hello! I'm writing you from the beautiful island of Guam. I would like to add my name to the WOW list.

Also, I have included a link to The WOW Project on my homepage. http://www.netpci.com/~lollipop

Thank you! Teri Jo Bryan

This is such a nice place to find. I really have been concerned about some of the attitudes Iíve run into lately and for quite sometime. Iím asking a big favor of anyone who reads this letter. Please find the web Site IRS class action suit, by reading some of the horror stories maybe you can send those folks some of your wow. They need up lifting more then anyone I know. By making this IRS site more public to the masses may in turn help us all. I speak from from the heart all the stories are true and I'll send my wow with you.

Thank you



Could you put my name on the WOW List. Also I am putting a logo and a link back to your site on my site.

It's Been A Hard Days Night Beatles Site http://www.chesapeake.net/~netrider/beatleluvr.html


Deborah Ann Johnson 

Well, it's funny that I found you, not that I was looking... but I went through Sylvia's link to this site and I said WOW !!! I try to live this way daily, I don't wish ill to anyone and if I do I push it out. I just wrote to Sylvia that I have developed similar beliefs, that my knowledge comes from within my self. My spirit inside connects with my conscious mind. I've never studied or read about such things she discusses, but I knew them already. Any way ,this is a nice place to visit.

Please put my name to your list. I enjoyed your poetry, the story of the bird and the manure is a familiar one. I read it years ago, also one saying comes to mind:

All shit turns to fertilizer, it's just the waiting that stinks !

Continue your work, it does make a difference.

Wish Only Well,
Mindy Linton 

Please add me to the list. Glad I found WOW, now I can forget all the past and be well.
Thanks, Evelyn 

Wow I really enjoyed your letter. You have a really great conception of what our lives here on earth are for. Love is a wonderful thing it change many things in ones life. I have often wondered why we eat so much meat when it seems to be
bad for us...I do not personally eat alot of meat but, I have in my mind some where that I have to feed it to my family to give them a balanced meal...I always said that I could never be a farmer because, I could not take the life of an something I raised...I wish that all could believe as I do ...To try to live your life as heavenly brother did ...JESUS LOVED ALL.
Beth Gbeve


Can anyone send you a poem to put up on your site? I have a poem I would like to put up.

Thanks for your time.
Dorie Zorn

(read Dorie's poem "Inside my head" on the WOW Poetry page) 

I have no money to donate , only have myself .... and my wishing only well for everyone, the entire world.. my name is Babsi Mouton.

Thank you again for such a wonderful wonderful organization.

(read Babsi's poem "Love & hate" on the WOW Poetry page) 

I found your website this morning and greatly enjoyed your ideas. I have always wanted to grow-up and make the world a better place to live in. Most people thank this is a silly dream, but like this site it is not. I am 31 years old and live in Houston, Texas. I am a female who attends college full-time in order to fulfill my life dream. I am writing you because I loved the poems that you have on this site. I write for therapy and I never have submitted anything to anyone of mine before. I felt so taken by the moment and felt that this is something I am suppose to do so I am sending a poem I wrote hoping that you display it.

Mitzi Stiles

(read Mitzi's poem "Life's tools on the WOW Poetry page) 

Hello, well I finished my link to your page. I also used one of the Stories (sayings) by Nancey Sims the location to find the link is: http://erienet.net/~danni/mypoem.htm I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. I haven't been through your whole site yet but I am looking forward to it. So far I have read some really inspirational stuff.. Thanks

Take care, Danni 

Carmen, I just found your site and love it! I am always looking for new ways to help myself be a more positive person. This is so easy and I say wow all the time. I am curious about your personal experiences. Have you ever had a near death experience? Have you communicated directly with God or your angels?

Just curious. Cindy 

Dear Carmen,

What a great person (to say the least), you are for providing such a website for others. It's not every day that someone gets to know such a extraordinary person. If I didn't know any better I would swear that you're an angel in disguise.

I happened to have been feeling a bit bummed out lately. After I read a little bit about your life I realized that my life isn't that bad after all. I love your attitude but I'm sorry about the anguish you must've sustained in order to get where you are now. I have only touched the surface of your website and I am curious as to look more into it.

Warm Regards,


I too was in high school when the terrible news of a wonderful life lost to the chaos of drugs and Hollywood, reached me. I faced some difficult times during those years and drew inspiration from Freddie's struggle for success. I also got alot of much needed laughs from his show. Tears and prayers marked that 37hour period. I won't ever forget the deep sadness I felt for someone I really didn't know and for the reality of the promise lost.

The last few days I've had a strange, at times haunting sense of Freddie. That was the reason I was here today. I felt there must be some message I need to hear and felt I might find it here. I did.

Your beautiful interpretation of Psalm 23 moved me. You are right in saying it is a prayer for living. Unfortunately, we too often only stop to pray when things are looking desperate, or in hopes that it is not too late.

Life is mysterious and purposeful and to that end I am glad to know that he has touched others lives. I only wish that someone had been able to touch his before it was too late.

I keep him in my prayers and my heart and again thank you.


Wow! Carmen, I am very impressed by your wow site and plan to visit it regularly. What a refreshing break from the norm. It would be an honor to be part of your site. I would be happy to work out any relationship that will help to support your initiative.

Warm regards,

Michael Milford,
President Palatine, Inc.

Carmen, Thanks for the permission to use some parts of WOW on my site. Your new stories have captured me as a regular fan of what you are doing with WOW. I love the new stories since I have last visited.

Reflections Of The Sky Nation is superb! And your writings on Christmas and Light are equally superb !! Turn your light ON and Celebrating the birth of love.

This past Christmas I found myself questioning Christmas more than ever, probably because a new job has brought me closer to homelessness, deprivation, etc.

I really relate to your thoughts about giving only one day a year, or commercializing Christmas I've tried to get a better understanding many times, and this year for some reason I got a different idea !

I realized that we were imitating something. The concept of giving gifts, even commercializing the giving, was a mere imitation.

It is a ritual expression celebrating the Master Gift Giver of all time. We celebrate the act of giving .. because Christ gave the greatest gifts of all ... kindness, acceptance, understanding, peace, calmness, reassurance, patience, faith and trust, and on and on ..Christmas rituals celebrate and affirm the importance of giving as a valuable human act ...

It is God's way of saying at least once per year, very loudly and clearly, that giving will go on .. giving will not be forgotten in the noisy pace of worldly life .. and even though many cannot give the jewels the Master Giver gave to people .. we can imitate .. and each day get another chance to wake up to the true gifts in life.

I realize that this year it is my place of growth to not only give a present at Christmas .. but to aspire to give the same presents that Christ gave. I realize that people in the world, and the world itself, need the most valuable gifts of all .. the gifts Christ gave so freely and abundantly of .. the gifts that really make a difference in the world .. not the ones that just add another video game to the collection.

I have been only imitating in my gift giving .. Giving material gifts ... When we give our patience, understanding, tolerance, kindness, acceptance, love, courtesy, smiles, joy, happiness, comfort, peace of mind, etc. Then we are truly giving.

The WOW Project is a present to the world in the likeness of the Master Giver because it aspires to give those most valuable gifts of all, the gifts that really make a difference.

Thanks for your work.

Russell Alexander
The Rainbow Garden !

Thanks for your letters and keep them coming!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
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