Letters to WOW # 3

I also believe that the best revenge is a positive attitude with no grudges. Definitely reduces baggage. Good for you!


Mike Johnson 


Wishing you well. WOW, I feel great when I say that!


Ben Friedman
Deja News - The Source for Newsgroups 


First of all, I think your website is very nice. I'm also very pleased to hear that you are honouring Father Gagné. I was a member of the Laurier MacDonald Student Council, the year of his passing. I knew him very well. He was always there to help anyone in need. Please add my name to your list of people who admired him, and keep me informed on the progress of this memorial.


Bob Reda, LMHS 1983-1985 

Good Morning Carmen.

I just happened by your web page. I can only say thank you. You see we share the same ideas about life in general. I am going to spend lots of time sharing this link with my friends.

A Friend,


Sono un giovane prete di Genova e, come te, anch'io sono un acerrimo fan di Claudio Baglioni, di cui mi piacciono le canzoni alla follia (ne sanno qualcosa i miei parrocchiani...).

Ti scrivo per invitarti a visitare il mio sito...

Si intitola "Briciole di Speranza", e vuole proporre pagine di "cronaca bianca". Di che si tratta? Vallo a visitare e lo capirai di persona!

E' pazzesco!!! Cambia la grafica, ma i nostri intenti sono esattamente gli stessi!!! Sia lodato il Signore che sempre opera nella storia e nella mente delle persone!!!

Personalmente, ho gia' inserito un link al tuo sito nella mia pagina di link, se tu vorrai fare lo stesso, ti ringrazio.


don Giovanni Benvenuto

I was surfing on the Line Around the World and came upon your page. I just had to drop you a line to let you know I really enjoyed it and embrace it's philosophy. I live in St. Charles, Missouri, USA and belong to a group called the Gateway Center for Spiritual Growth. I think we have to spread love and joy whenever and wherever we can. If enough people to this, peace will follow! Good Luck!

Link Together In Peace
Sandy Hartke 

I have contacted you because of your contribution to the "Peace for Northern Ireland" Campaign. I am compiling a booklet which will be full of peace messages. As I have said before, we are a non-profit organization, and so all profits from the booklet will go to charity as well. I was wondering if you would care to contribute a short message to the booklet. Thank you for your consideration in this matter, and thank you for holding peace so dear.

Go maire tu i bhfad agus rath! Slan agus K'plagh!

Mark Pilling
Promotion & Public Relations Norcon 96 

YOUR PAGE IS WONDERFUL!~ Yes, the world needs all kinds of people and ideas like this and it excites me when I find another POSITIVE site!

Wow -- I must be like a NATURAL WOW Ambassador because I have been teased all my life for saying WOW so much!! It's my favorite word and seems to come out of my mouth about 100 times a day! Imagine my joy when I found your site thru an NCN mailing list!

Please check out my site -- Positive Projections. I think after only a few minutes at my site it will be very clear as to who I am, what I believe, and what I am working towards.

In fact, I would very much like to put you on my Cool Links page. Do you have a smaller version of your logo for downloading?

I am thrilled to have "met" you and I hope we have many opportunities to help others form a POSITIVE viewpoint of life together!

Remember to Love and Laugh!
Diana Brock Makes

Thought you'd like to know how the message on my home telephone answer machine goes ... 'to have a fantastic day, do it with a SMILE!' AND my business (Real Estate Broker) slogan is... 'Take the worry off your mind; Put a smile on your move!' AND when I see people in a 'down' type mood, I often say - 'What's this, do I have to stand on my head to make the frown look like a smile?!!!' ... So you see, I ALREADY use / support the WOW concept :)! Besides, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

Continued "BESTS" to ya!

Phil Viger 

De tres belles pensees qui nous font reflechir et nous font apprecier ce que la Vie nous offre ici.. Very nice thoughts, Carmen

Friendly, Lise 

Bravo pour votre initiative! J'espere qu'elle contribuera a moraliser quelque peu le monde des affaires. (Il en aurait bien besoin, le pauvre!)

Bon succes dans vos très louables efforts.

Donald Guenen
author of Learning with light: (in English)

Dear Carmen:

Yes, we are both trying to do something. Congratulations for - and from - your site. I linked it to mine.


Paulo Coelho
(author of the phenomenal bestseller "The Alchemist") 

Hi Carmen,

I have arrived via the 100th monkey story, and have since read a percentage of the listed articles and they are COOL !

Reading through your writing on the shepherd and "Psalm 23", am reminded of a story about a shepherd in a book call the "Alchemist". This book talks about omens, following your dreams, the soul and language of the world. Very good reading!

You are right about focusing on violence, creates more violence and this can be summed up as "You reap what you sow ". With WOW however the tide can be turned ! Faith, hope and trust returns when encouraged. Don't take it personally it is not a war against women ! IT IS A WAR AGAINST EVERY ONE AND IF YOU ARE DIFFERENT AND WEAKER THEN YOU ARE THE FIRST TO COP IT !!

So as a conscious agent of evolution, I say hi and excellent to see WOW on-line

look forward to reading more,

best regards

Joseph Bernard :) 

Dear Carmen:

I found your wonderful website today, and I am still reading the many enjoyable comments from yourself and your readers. I signed up to be a WOW ambassador, and then looked up at my bulletin board and re-read a quote that a friend sent me last year. It is from "The Ambassadors" by Henry James - "Live all you can. It is a mistake not to."

I will revisit your site often and share it with everyone I know.

Richard Mitchell 

WOW! I Found the WOW!

Hi, I would like to join The WOW Project. My name is Teixeira, Clayton Lemos. I am Brazilian and live in Fortaleza.

I checked out your site. I appreciate a site devoted to something useful...free expression of thought. I'm sure you've built up quite a following of regular visitors.


Afronet webmaster

Hi Carmen!

It was really nice to read your article, "In the name of love". I agree 100% with what you wrote! I had just been reading some other newsgroups where people keep on accusing each other for an endless amount of reasons (nationality, the horrors committed by the neighbour's family or ancestors etc...)

Thanks for being active with your good opinions!!!!

Love, Tanja
Helsinki University 

Dear Carmen:

I think your WOW idea is truly inspired. I say WOW all the time. Now it will have a new meaning for me.

I feel that WOW will help to change people's ATTITUDES toward one another which is a necessary component for peace. Repeating ONLY LOVE PREVAILS will change people's PERCEPTION of the world around them. Right now the critical mass has a perception that there is violence in the world. If the critical mass had the perception that there was only love in the world, then love is what there would be. I think changing attitude AND perception is important. Let's definitely work together on this.

I haven't been in touch with the media for over 3 years. I want to tell you a WOW story related to that. I was standing in line at the grocery store about 2 years ago and a woman behind me was very antsy. She said, "I wish this line would hurry up. I have to get home. They are handing down a decision in 15 minutes."

I turned and looked at her and said, "A decision?" She said, "OJ". I said, "OH" and turned back. She said, "Well, you are keeping up with OJ aren't you?" I turned to her again and said, "You know, I haven't watched television in over a year and, no, I'm not keeping up with OJ."

By this time I have made it up to the clerk, a young man. He looked at me and exclaimed loudly, "You haven't watched TV in over a year?" He might as well have said it over the loud speaker--I was sure that the whole grocery store had heard.

I looked at him calmly and said, "No, and I haven't listened to the radio or read a newspaper, either."

He gave me a very disgusted look and said, "Gee, don't you feel really out of it?"

I pause for a moment and said, "Actually, I feel really HAPPY."

This woman behind me took a deep breath and said, "WOW! I get that. You are living your own life and not living it for someone else. I get that!"

The clerk said, "They're lookin' for you for the jury!"

Thank God, they didn't find me.

Love and Light, Carol Hansen

Experience the Magic of Lighten Up!

Dear Carmen,

Thanks for creating WOW. There is so much unsung good in the world. You are probably aware of a television network devoted to personal development and success in living, called TPN. It is currently available in both Canada and the U.S., soon to be global.


Dear Carmen,

Your poetry is wonderful. Your ideology, a rare treasure.

On Wednesday nights I meet with a group of broken men. Society's hate is the root of their disillusion, bewilderment and dysfunction ... the group functions to provide its fortunate members the loving support needed to get them through another week. You see, they're ex-cons... society's worse. Legislation threatens to eliminate their ability to procreate and would rather that they not exist at all. The group is rare and is solely credited to the resident psychiatrist at that parole office. The stats indicate a rate of recidivism of 85% for the likes of these men., Yet, through Love and Understanding the group has only had one re-offender since its adoption. This is truly amazing... and the authorities refuse to take note of it. It would go against their political agenda and deflate the driving force of their platforms. Enough said.

I hope you don't mind, I'm sharing your poetry with the group. And I wonder, can you, do you, really fathom the healing ability of words you wrote? You're a special person, Carmen. One of the few treasure I've come across on the net...

Again, Thank You., Good Day and Best Wishes...


Wow! I enjoy your web page and wanted to let you know! Keep up the great work! I will be following your content and progress with much anticipation for greatness!

It is refreshing to see the positive things that you are doing!


Jim Irish 

I wish only well for the whole world.

Eugenia Klein 

I have looked at your site and found it very uplifting. I will look for an opportunity to work it into TechTalk in the very near future.

Thank you for watching TechTalk

Bob Benedetti

Thanks for the wonderful letters, and keep them coming!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
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