Letters to WOW # 7

Hi all....I have personally experienced the power of these words, and continue to use them daily in my life.   This uplifts my spirit  to realize I am not alone in an increasing painful and hurtful world.    Please add my name.....God Bless, Susan Olson

What a wonderful page.  I was fascinated and completely overtaken by your message.  I am a strong believer in humanity and I couldn't think of a better symbol to celebrate it.    I hope you are able to stay on the web forever.  It is becoming a powerful tool; one where wars will be won -- wars such as the one you are fighting here, for a better world.  Peace to all and WOW!! Troy Henke British Columbia, Canada   PS Please add my wife and I to the WOW list; 'Kim and Troy Henke'.

Hi!  You have a great philosophy, and I'm glad you're sharing it with the world.  I strive for unconditional love, myself, which is much the same.  WOW is a great way to remember and actively incorporate this idea into everyday life.  Thanks for helping people realize that it is possible to be a positive force in the world, and that it does matter what you send out to others.
May name is Ian Kaiser.  Please add me to the Wow List.  Thanks again!
Wonderfully, Ian

Hello, I think this is a really great idea.  And although we all have individual experiences, I feel the idea of a common way to express positive energy and see negativity for what it really is adds to its effectiveness. Thanks, Glevine10

I've been particularly looking for the poem 'Mask' to show a friend.  I have looked around a little and will be looking around more later..  this is wonderful! I love poetry and to read peoples feelings.  Thanks for the web site..  it's wonderful! Lori

I'm a newcomer to the internet zone - until I came across these links I was feeling the internet has nothing to offer planetary peace...you've shifted me to seeing it as a tool for divination...at the speed of light..."god speed"...WOW says it all. Mary Evans, St Pete. Fl

What a wonderful idea!  I say wow all the time, as does my daughter, now we have a beautiful and very positive thought to associate with it. Thank you. Ronald Merritt

Hi! what a great idea! I always give the peace sign as a greeting, but this just seems to go alot further. i will pass it on to all who ask & probably some who don't!   Gayle West, Lancaster, Ca.

This is great...I'm wowed by the thoughts of us all having a symbol to wish only well. And with that...I do wish you all only well. Brenda Metzinger

What a positive outlook!!!!!!!!!!  "Wishing only well", it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I will definitely pass this wonderful emotion along to all I encounter during this journey.   Wishing only well,   Tracey Ferguson Ontario, Canada

Hi Carmen, I enjoyed your story. I wonder if you know that this statement you made -- " I wish you well" is the central to attitude of true Christian life. We do not see this attitude, because the gospel is not taught properly. Once we learn this secret, the unconditional love and obedience to God and unconditional love (agape) to all people and life. Our life is totally different, just wonderful - WOW. Thanks again for you great story, In the love of God, Peter

Hi. I would like to add me and my wife's name to WOW. We pray everyday for a better world. Thank you. Rick + Valerie Haviland

I happened onto your site and was pleasantly surprised...I must have needed to see it, everything happens for a reason...I will use the WOW sign and pass it on. What a fabulous thing...I am so glad you did this.  Keep it up...the WOW that is!!!!!! Kris

I just wanted to say that in today's world, your site is definitely what is needed.  If only everyone could see this and follow this one simple rule, then there wouldn't be so much hate out there.  With the growing threat of violence, hate groups, and psycho doomsday cults predicted in the new Millennium, I seriously would love to help spread this word, so that the new century is better than the last, not worse.  We must make this world a better place for our children, because our children are the future. Teaching them not to hate is a good start. Kim

Dear Wow People,   I'm really hoping that the Wows that I see on cars all over the place mean "Wishing Only Well". Can you tell me if they do? On Long Island, where I hail from, I see cars all over the highway with the word "WOW" printed on windshields, bumper stickers, everywhere. I don't know what it means. It's been driving me crazy for about six months. Is it that?   Signed,   MC Vaupel
Editor's note: We received many letters regarding WOW on cars and would like to thank everyone who's doing it and reporting it. Look for Official WOW Stickers in your area soon.

I think it is a great idea and can only do wonderful things for your spirit. Keep up the good work, and keep getting the word to people. With kind regards, Lisa Mehl

Just thought I'd let you wonderful, thoughtful people know that your work is worth every minute of your time.  With all the negative in the world today, it's nice to know that there really are good people in this world.  I see myself using the WOW sign a lot.  One time especially would be in the car when so many others are using signs of their own.  Thanks for the smiles!!  Kelly Baehr

That was a great story!  My hats off to you.  I hope we all can learn from you. Wishing you Well and lots of love, Darlene

I have enjoyed reading WOW and look forward to returning again and again.  This is a philosophy of life I have lived by for a long time.  Thanks.   Sherry

Hi there, I just read your story and it truly gave me goose bumps...*Smile*  They say that that means that it has touched your soul.  What a wonderful response that was! Way to go girl...kill them with kindness...(just an expression of course!)  You are doing a wonderful job and spreading Love...what greater mission could there be? None....BTW...I was born in Montreal! Hugs to you....Anita (LaPointe) Thompson AKA: Star*Shine

Hello Carmen Colombo, Your site has has been an inspiration to me.  Thanks for sharing your story.  I'm the Internet Librarian for Self Help & Psychology Magazine & am looking for websites I think would be appropriate.  Yours is excellent and I'll bookmark it for my personal computer as well.  I like your poetry.  You're a courageous woman.  Peace and happiness be with you always. Sincerely, Camille Pierce

Add my name to the list of WOW Friends ... been visiting the WOW site a couple of times each week ...and I'm adding the WOW URL to all my emails ... in the signature line ...Thanks so much for such a wonderful site ... BJ Healer

Howdy WOW   This is an excellent site, an excellent idea and WOW...I love it.  Please add our names to your list.  I am so glad we found you! Marj & Dana Gagnier.  Thanks and keep up the great work! :-)

Hi Carmen, I happened upon your website and read your true life story. I was a domestic  violence counselor (volunteer) for over ten years. It does my heart good to see that you had the courage to change your life. I admire your courage, tenacity and most of all your spirit! You have a great heart. WOW. Love and Peace, Karen

What a wonderful idea is your WOW!  A friend just passed it on and I'm doing the same! Thanks for sharing. Eileen Banks

Dear Carmen: Good for you and thanks for sharing your space and expression of our large human family and how we are all bound and connected to one another. I too was there and walked, no rather ran away as fast as I could, it took me however 12 and half years. Your spirit is meant to be contagious and I wish you well on your journey. I know it will have an ever lasting effect on mankind. Take care and back to you always! Pam

I have really enjoyed your short stories. I am leading a bible study for mature teens and have really enjoyed using a WOW story to break the ice. Keep up the good work. Glen Kitagawa

Yes you certainly may add me as a friend of WOW.  I was very impressed by what I saw on your pages.  I only wish that more and more people thought like that.  Yes, I would be honoured if you added me:):):):)   Sincerely, Freda:):):):)

I really like the WOW site it is so positive. Yes it is simplistic but when you really think about it, it can make all the difference in your attitude towards life and how you react to others. It is also freeing yourself from just reacting back to someone's anger and using your own power. I have to say it's a wonderful awareness that I want to use in my own life and I can really see how it can make a difference in my life and those I know and those I come in contact with.

All I can say is I will visit often and like to be a part of WOW...Wishing Only Well. Thanks for this wonderful enlightening site. We all really need to have a positive attitude in this day and age when there seems to be so much sadness and doom. Thanks again. God Bless. Melanie

Carmen, just a note of thanks. I was looking for prayer for a miracle for a newborn and his parents when happened upon your site. WOW to you , too.  And thanks again for some uplifting thought. Kay

Wonderful demonstration of a simple truth: I was just reading your story with great interest. Actually , I was just thinking a few days ago that what I should do to really get beyond the negativity around me is to do exactly as you say, WOW. It works.  It is both obvious and yet profound that such simple things should work.
Peace, Dennis

Hi! I just wanted to commend you on the awesome web site. I found your site a few months back when I was searching different links at another web site. This is the first time I've been back since. I now book marked it so I can come back and read more letters and stories. I just finished reading a book that is very similar to your beliefs here at WOW. The name of the book is Excuse me....Your Life Is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn. My faith in our little planet is being restored by all the wonderful little "coincidences" I have come across like this site. Thanks so very much for your strength and courage in establishing this wonderful web site. WOW to you and the rest of the world.
Monica Wagener

Laughter, what is it but an explosive & involuntary simultaneous expression of air from our mouths. We wish every one throughout the WORLD peace, We sincerely hope & pray that this site will make others laugh, for it is only through laughter at our own inadequacies, that we will as a race overcome our fears and dislikes of other peoples, races, countries, life styles. jujuman@care4free.net

W.O.W. Revelation

As I was tabulating census forms from our local university I was doing my typical judgmental stuff on people not reading the forms carefully.  I decided to Wish them Only Well and I was amazed how much easier my job was.

I began to realize that some of the words were hard to read and “county” could easily be mistaken for “country,” particularly if you are a college student who probably has more forms to fill out than they really want or need.  I also reminisced back many years to when I was in college and under all that pressure.  If I had been given a census form to fill out it would have probably ended up on the back of the desk in a pile of stuff to do later, much later.

While I sorted and completed forms I Wished each person Well.  I realized that I had been asking for more work and that was what I had been given.  It was important to stop grumbling about people not filling out forms correctly
keeping in mind that I was being paid well to do the work.

What a powerful tool WOW can be.  I need to keep it in the front of my consciousness so that I can use it constantly.  I think I will create some posters with my word processor to remind me to use the concept.

It reminds me of the story about Artur Rubenstein being stopped on the streets of New York by a pedestrian seeking directions.  The stranger had no idea who he was talking to and asked Artur if he knew how to get to Carnegie Hall.  Rubenstein replied, “Yes sir, I do know how to get to Carnegie Hall. You have to practice, practice, practice!”  So that is what I intend to do. Practice, practice, practice using the WOW principal until it becomes major part of my daily life.

WOW, WOW, WOW to all you WOWsers out there,

John Kaiser, a.k.a. jokerjohnnie

I just come across your site and read your story of how WOW  started.  I have to say you are truly an amazing lady!
I commend you for going back and standing your ground and saying to him what you did. 
I am going to pass on this symbol and use it myself from now on.  It is very powerful and positive and this is what the world needs.
Thank you so much for starting this and I will do my share to keep it going.

WOW and God Bless
Doreen Nygren

Dear WOW,

I am sending this letter in the hopes that others feel the same and collectively we can form some type of solution to this horrible condition.  I see so many people in my daily life plagued with illness and disease that it hurts to see them suffer.

Never has there been a time when I didn't feel as though my heart had been torn from my chest when I meet these beautiful souls.  I want to hug them tell them that God hasn't forgotten them that they don't suffer without his knowing every ache.  I have prayed that I could help them in some way to relieve their hurts physically as well as spiritually.  We as people are not under the assumption that God would allow us to have this gift that it was only for Jesus and very little others if any.  I wish to say prayer heals if we pray that everyone who is sick and diseased that is currently suffering be healed ( I mean just pray let the entire world be free from suffering God please release them from sickness).  If a group who felt the same did this daily everyday at the same time wouldn't it be wonderful to hear how who and when this helped.
I am a 29 year old mother of five of which two Annie and Tim who were born with severe birth defects. I see them suffer through many ills and surgeries but I never ever forget to pray, they have made me whole and I know God hears your prayers you see I was told they wouldn't survive these birth defects the odds were awful but I ignored these odds and said God let them live and prosper so they may help others in life to get through, (they have done more than beat the odds they vaporized them.)  They are not completely 100% without defects but they are so close the doctors cannot determine who the two are out of my five children.  They say who's the sick one surely not one of these and I have to say yes it's Tim or Annie.
So I know how God works not that I'm special for praying he heal them and it helps but that he hears everyone not just me.
I want to heal the world but alone I can only help so much but if others prayed at the same time everyday for the entire world to be healed how wonderful would it be to know you have asked God to heal all of mankind at once.  Please post my letter or pass it to a group who feels the same.  I want to help everyone but don't know any other way to except this.
Love all who you see even if they don't love you for surely it will help their souls to feel something they may have never received before LOVE!
In hopes of Making Life Better For All
Leslie Ann Fontenot

Thanks for the wonderful letters, and keep them coming!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
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