Letters to WOW # 8


Please add my name Anil Kumar Gupta. It has changed my life and my friends too. Fabulous site.


My family and I have been having severe financial difficulties and reading some of your stories has really helped me. I came upon your website by accident (maybe not). Thank you for sharing your stories.


Joy Tedford
Education Dept. X 447

I'm going to start using the WOW sign all the time, I will flash it to my peers and friends and they will start doing it!! It can become a very wide spread thing, hopefully bringing peace to our cities and towns, I know one person can make a difference if they Wish Only Well!! 

Laura Jamison

Your site is very inspiring. I will definitely come back and visit. It's nice to see positive information making its way into the mainstream! You Go Girl!!

I will surely be back to read more of your inspirational stories. Your story About Patience was great. I can absolutely see myself mirrored in the monk. Too funny! I have my first appointment with an intuitive counselor tomorrow and I just KNOW the subject of patience is going to come up. I will laugh, and remember the monk in the woods =)

Take care Carmen, and keep up the inspirational work!!

Jackie Stahl

Thanks for sharing your vision to wish only well. I am especially touched by your tribute to Pierre Trudeau. I welcome your site into my life at a time when I probably need it most. I've added my name to your list. 

Heidi McLaughlin.

Hi, I'd like to add my name along with my Mother's. Although she and I are no experts at WOW, I certainly hope to become one. I liked your story Carmen and I believe I can relate to it. Did you know that there is (or at least there was a couple of years ago) a grass-roots organization in my Ottawa home town that uses WOW as the acronym for Women of Wisdom? (If I can find out more, I'll let you know). I think your website is a super idea. Thanks for the incentive to wish only well. 

Monika McLaughlin

Carmen please keep up the great work you are doing. And add our names to your list of WOW friends. And a SUPER BIG WOW TO YOU!!!!!!

John W. OHarra and Clare OHarra

You have a very beautiful and inspirational site and we are pleased and honored to be able to link to you.

Tom Curtis 

Please add my name to the WOW list. I have always been an optimist and I am glad to see that it is catching on!!!

Paula Sackett

The other morning I was working on a lesson in Emma Curtis Hopkins’ book Scientific Christian Mental Practice in which she suggested her students not be critical of themselves and others. I worked with this idea in my morning meditation and was very vulnerable to suggestion inasmuch as I was not very awake to begin with.

I should have guessed that being a recovering alcoholic, addict, Virgo and certificated paralegal, getting out of the habit of being overly critical was not going to be easy, but like I said, I was not very awake.

So I started to become conscious of every critical thought I had, and tried to release each such critical thought, and by noon I had a horrible headache, and began to really feel like the person I really am, or was, or what people who have to deal with me on a regular basis probably think I am.

I went to my computer and did an internet search. Am not sure which search engine I used. My query words were plaintive and somewhat unintelligible, on a par with the Yiddish: “Oy veh schmir I'm so meshuganah I could plotz.”

Up came the WOW site - WISH ONLY WELL. At first too I was critical even of your philosophy, but true to the spirit of Ms. Hopkins (I gave her only 24 hours on this one) I agreed with myself to review your site and to keep an open mind. The rest of the day I just kept saying “WOW” as creditor, judges’ clerks, lawyers, and others called me and were critical of me (wow!) for various reasons, giving me a karmic eye view of what it must be like to be criticized. Throughout it all I just kept saying “WOW“.

By evening I was looking forward to going to bed. After all, I had agreed to give this no criticism deal only a 24 hour chance, and I figured when I woke up the next morning I could just send nasty confirming letters to every one who had called and bugged me the day before. I was sure I would just return to being not nice.

Also, that evening a friend came to visit me. He is a body building Buddhist vegetarian from Hollywood who makes a special trip each week down the coast to see how I am doing and regularly arrives with a written list of 99 or 100 things which he thinks I should do to fix myself - gee, Buddha only had 8 - woops I am being critical.

I said “WOW“, instead. We went out to dinner - lean chicken, I promised not to tell - and I went to bed, figuring I could review his list or shred it the next day.

As I started to fall asleep - I realized my horrible headache was gone and I could just say “WOW” to the whole day and everything which had gone on.

When I awoke the next morning, I no longer thought about those nasty confirming letters I was going to write, and instead, with my friend, I began doing my 150 repetitions on with my exercise equipment - go figure. I am now working on his list. I am also still sober - WOW!

Thank you so much for your insight and your site. It has helped me so very much.

Now I know I can raise three fingers to the world, instead of one.

Robert Mcdonald Campbell

Tears of victorious hope finally flow down my cheeks as I write this note to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your web page. You can’t know how much it is helping me during this time of suspended reality, unimaginable sadness, and fear for the future of our troubled world. And forgetting all of that international stuff for a moment, my own personal journey has been so blessed by encountering your message of self-empowering, instead of empty goody-two-shoes, love for oneself and others. The positive changes you’re created in our lives are incredible. The only words I can find are THANK YOU; your power to heal is beyond words.


Toija Riggins

P.S. I had book marked your site ages ago and for some reason revisited it just today; a day that was extremely emotionally difficulty until I read your words. Many, many thanks. I’m sending your link to everyone I know.

Thanks for the wonderful letters, and keep them coming!

Wishing only well,

Carmen Colombo
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