Dear President George W. Bush,

Read the fingers: "W" is NOT for War.

"W" is for WOW

Wish Only Well

President George W. Bush
US President
George W. Bush
November 2000
AP Photo

This picture was on found on in November 2000. Since then, we have been trying to find out if Mr. Bush was actually doing the WOW - Wish Only Well sign. Our site is online since June 1996, over four years before the picture was taken. By then, millions of people had seen the WOW Sign.

We would like to think that President Bush really means WOW - Wish Only Well, but who knows? 

Then, among tons of others, we received the following message:

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From: "St. Claire Family" <>
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 3:22 PM
Subject: Wow Hand Sign

Hi Carmen --

I came across your site today, and I really like it.  It is a life motto and goal that I am going to pursue.  Keep up the good work.

I can imagine that I am not the first to bring this to your attention, but I did not notice this mentioned in your letters about the sign.

The "W" sign is the hand sign of George "W" Bush.  It was exchanged between Americans during the ill-fated 2000 presidential election.

As you might know, the exiting Clinton staffers stole all of the "W" letters from the White House keyboards.

If I saw a "W" from someone before today, I would assume he was a pro-Bush person, which these days is very pro-war, very pro wishing ill on others.

Just a thought!  I didn't want to take for granted that this Americanism is internationally known.


We would like to thank Tracy. We also want to thank everyone who sent their opinion regarding President Bush and the WOW Sign, which, unfortunately, are not fit to write here.

Nonetheless, we still hope that President George W. Bush means "Wish Only Well", even if only in his subconscious mind.  

Dr. Carl Jung, the great psychologist and former follower of Dr. Sigmund Freud, introduced the "superconscious mind" or "collective memory bank" theory. In essence, Dr. Jung said that the superconscious mind is like a bank in which everybody contributes and takes from -  sometimes without even being aware of it.  It also means that people completely unrelated, in different parts of the world, may think of the same thing at the same time. Therefore, if enough people think WOW, like the 100th Monkey Phenomenon, empathy and compassion will spread through the human species. It might even reach President Bush. 

As you can see, we hope it because it's important for the whole world. There is only ONE planet called Earth, where life exists as we know it. It appears there is no where else to go, alive, and live, other than this particular planet. We think that should be reason enough for all of us to try to live in peace, as it seems to be necessary in order to survive. 

As far as we're concerned, when the time comes, we want to leave this world a little better than it was when we came into it. If everyone thought like that, we would be better people - better custodians of the world that we are entrusted with. 

We mention everywhere on WOW Zone that we have no political or religious affiliations, and this is true. So true in fact, that we give EVERYBODY a chance, whether we agree with them or not (see our Forums and Stories for updated news on current events).

It's no secret that we believe in PEACE. All you have to do is read our page called Think Peace


When people start talking with each other, we realize that we all want the same thing. We ALL want security, love and peace. We come into the world wanting it, and we live for it, regardless of what we say or do, because it's human nature. This is not wishful thinking - this is fact. It's proven scientifically and in practice.

Some visitors are offended by the picture of President Bush on the WOW Zone site. We wish to please everyone, but we also want to continue to Wish Only Well.

We would also like to address those who find the picture of George W Bush on this page, and post it in various message boards without a link to this page. We find that very sad indeed, because it sends an entirely different message than what WOW is about. Because of those posts, some people think that we are somehow associated with George W Bush, which is ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. We find that thought astounding, considering what we write about and to President Bush. 

Long ago, Winston Churchill made the 2 finger "V" hand sign famous, and people have been using it ever since, mistaking it for the Peace Sign. 

However, V is for Victory - not Peace. When there is a victor, there is a loser, and that is NOT peace.  Read about it at 

We invite President George W. Bush and every person everywhere to bring REAL PEACE to the world by using the WOW sign for Wish Only Well.

When you understand the WOW - Wish Only Well philosophy, you realize that it IS the real peace sign.  W - the three finger WOW Sign is the Peace Sign of the third millennium.

For a reminder of the WOW Philosophy, check it out here:

Thank you
September 2002

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