Nothing new under the sun

There are no words
and yet they must be found
to bear witness
to these chaotic times.

We who thought were evolved
and illuminated,
simultaneously feel
love and hate,
faith and fear.

There's nothing new under the sun,
nothing that has not been felt before.
Wise words from a book
said to be the Word of God.

The same God
that everyone claims
Is on their side
on the battlefield.

Who does God speak to?
Who listens when God speaks?
What do they hear?

I see what people do
in the name of God,
and it doesn't look real.

And I think,
If I were God,
I'd strike down all
who do harm in my name.
I'd make them disappear
into thin air.

Fortunately, I'm not God.
I'm ridiculous, like everyone
who wants to 
think for God.

Only God is God.

God is love, not hate.
God is life, not death.
God is good, not evil.

Anyone who thinks
God guides to do harm
is gravely deluded.

God is love.

No scriptures, radicals,
holy people or sinners
will make me believe

We're confused,
and we try to make God
look confused too.

Shame on us.
How dare we?

Carmen Colombo
October 2001

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