Windy Night

When the angry sky, 
opens up its mouth...
and lays down a belt of rain,
from the north to the south;

Close your windows, and,
close all your doors.
And pray for those men who fall upon 
the rocky shores.

And when the hungry road, 
points its finger at your heart,
And says 
"Stranger, follow me, 
I will show you where to start;"

Well don't make a move, 
to the left or the right,
or them hounds are gonna get you, 
send you running, 
through the stormy night.

And one windy night,
a flickering light, 
caught the eye of a passing angel
as she was in flight;

She came to the door, 
and there she saw 
a young soldier crying, 
as he lay dying 
from a wound of war.

Then that angel of the Lord, 
took the form of a girl,
And knelt by the boy and said,
"I will help you to that other world"

"Oh rest your weary soul, 
lay your head upon my shoulder.
Press your trembling hand in mine,
until the night is over.

For that devil wants you, 
but you are a soldier, 
and with a friend by your side
there's no need to hide 
until the fight is over..."

Na na na na oh Lord on this windy night
Na na na na oh Lord on this windy night.

So if you need help, 
on a windy night,
be sure to leave a candle burning
so a friend can see the light; 

There may be a stranger,
come looking for you.
And it may be an angel of the Lord 
come to bring you better news;

On a windy night...

Na na na na oh Lord on this windy night...
Oh hear me, hear me Lord, 
oh Lord on my windy night...
Oh Hear me Lord, oh Lord on my windy night.


Chris de Burgh
(Far Beyond These Castle Walls)


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