Horror of Conflict

Beauty of silence can be shattered with the little crack of a 'hostile sound'-
And may cause the panic in a quiet moment that can now always be found!

From a schoolyard to the busy airports, the 'reign of terror' creates the news-

And awaits the verdict in modern courtrooms saturated by the judges' views!

Today, technology has brought in physical comforts but taken away the peace of mind-
And while moving to the next millenniums, increments in lawsuits we can readily find!
Tolerance seems like an aged issue of the past and prefers to be overlooked all the way-
While the conflict protrudes from every corner to make the "home of happiness" sway!

In our modern society, horror finds a "niche" in every step that we like to take-
And warns through a lawsuit, even though the allegations could be really fake!

Now spiritual value is overcast with material value, like the cataract of the eye-
And the 'horror of conflict' seems to be 'running' until the day we may all die!

Living "beyond the means" is a "social motto" and harps daily on the same string-
To overshadow the reality throughout the year, from a hot summer to early spring!

The 'teeth of conflict' snoop around us to destroy the value of a family tie-
While the terror reigns in silence, and paints the mind with a different dye!

The horror of conflict today sits in contrast to our primitive or tribal past-
When the values of "friendship" reigned supreme and surely made it last!
The irony of our society now looms on the hands of lawyers causing the terror-

While the deep pockets blind the rules and excuse themselves from their error!!

Hillol Ray

Posted May 2001

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