It's quiet all around me - 
but I hear music in my head.
The love in my heart
is far from being dead.

I say goodbye to everything, 
but my heart is still with you.
There are some things in life
that even death cannot undo.

I remember us running
through the streets
when we were small.
Looking for treasures,
and laughing when we'd fall.

We used to think that life
was in the games we used to play.
But there are deadlier games,
in which we have no say.

The world has forgotten
about you and me, my friend.
And everyone we know,
is either gone or dead.

But even though our bodies
have been ravaged by this war,
I know that we will meet again
for in spirit we are whole.

Yes, the world has forgotten
about you and me, my friend.
But I'll see you on the other side -
and we will laugh again!

And even in the darkness,
you will never be alone...
So cheer up, my friend,
we are heading for home.


Carmen Colombo

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About this poem:

In 1995, I heard a true story about two young lovers who found each other in the midst of open warfare in what used to be Yugoslavia. They searched for each other everywhere as the bombing became more intense than usual on this particular day, and  just as they were about reach each other's arms, they were both shot and fell together. It was later reported that they were found "holding hands in death". 

"War" was written in their memory, and in memory of all victims of war, young and old, past and present. 

War is violence and brutality inflicted upon humans, animals, vegetation, the planet, the universe and everything in general, over GREED.

YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU. Ever hear that before? It's because it's true. Our material "riches" on earth mean NOTHING when we die. Only love lives on.

Peace begins inside us, and THEN extends to our family, our friends, our neighbors, our community, our country, our planet. It's not the other way around. 

Communication is better than violence. Communication solves problems. Violence creates problems. If you want a more peaceful world, you have to be a little more peaceful yourself, every day. 

It's simple, but it's not easy. 

BUT, it's worth it.

Life is precious - don't waste it.

Wish Only Well