The Kingdom of God

God says
that I should love
those who hurt me.

For through them,
the Kingdom of God
is revealed.

How do I manifest
the glory of the Kingdom?
While I am in the world,
the Kingdom is within me.

Am I wise enough to see
its reality?

Am I strong enough to keep
its integrity?

My cup runs over,
I am full of emotions.
Each pulling me
in different directions.

But what do I reveal
if I retaliate?
What do I reveal
if I forgive?

Free will is mine.
But evil, like termites,
makes the Kingdom

Little by little,
unnoticeable on the outside.
But quietly creating
a vacuum inside.

Emptiness is...
The denial of love.
The coldness of alienation;
The final result of pride's
fleeting satisfaction.

What good is 
an empty Kingdom?
Devoid of life,
its light extinguished?

The children of God
are recognized by
the way that they
love one another.

My only choice, then,
as a child of God,
is to love.

It's easy to love
the lovable.

But loving the unlovable,
is easier said than done.

It's Cruel.

For my own good, 
for the common good.
And above all
in honor of 
The Kingdom of God.


Carmen Colombo
March 2002

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