Only Race: Human


The flowers of our lives bloom like the flowers in a tree -
But yearn for nutrients to achieve many goals, and grow worry free !
Water and sunlight coupled with the air -
Act as the food that we cherish, but need to share !

Growth of the tree may be delayed by a tiny cruel storm-
'Cause of the terror, that's so sudden and may not be the norm !
Storms in our lives also affect our thought,
And tell: battles of the past that we may have fought !

Flowers cannot bloom in a rigid arid nature,
But inhibits the 'life', merely, to show caricature !
Human as a flower, also, cannot flourish well -
When 'color' becomes issue where 'luck' tends to dwell !

Being born with a silver spoon may not help to feel,
The hardship of others without the zeal !
Provocation and imposition to achieve one's goal,
May make us little happy but take the heavy toll !

Process is the same, the way we all are born -
But, why color is an issue to tout new scorn ?
Why do we segregate based on the race ?
And preach about equality to save our face !

Well, the time has come now to let us think it over,
About our future where minds like to hover !
Dilemma still prevails for the 'decisions' we take,
And it's putting our progress quietly at stake !

So, let's consider the globe as a nation under God -
'Cause He is the one and only, who controls the pod !
Remember, lines dividing the nations were made by the man,
To draw the curtain in our minds whenever we can !

For equality and peace, let's re-consider the scene -
Where globe is the "Nation" and the "Origin" !
Let us stretch the four chambers of our hearts,
And eliminate all the 'lines' on the global charts !

Finally, let's act together now with big smiling face -
To eradicate the burning issues, like 'color' and the 'race' !
Let the "Only Race: Human" be our focus to preserve peace on the earth -
And guard it as the key, for all generations, from death until birth !!!

Hillol Ray

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