About the WOW Sign...


WOW can be used as an aid to teaching children about LOVE in the world.

An excellent way of reminding ourselves the positive aspect of life and living. A universal sign of Love and Peace to all of God creatures.


It gets my 3 fingers up!!! WOW !!!

Kathy Daniel

I think the WOW sign is terriffic!

Thank you for helping to heal our Earth!!!

God Bless You!


the WOW sign is wonderful! I often use the sign of 'i love you', but it is sometimes either not appropriate or not understood by some..... I will use the WOW sign and pass it on to my teen children to use with their friends!!!

Wishing you all only well!


all I can say is WOW. I try to make the world a better place for other people. I try to make people happy because I'm glad to be alive. I talked a person from doing harm to themselves. You have to love life, I do. I am also going to do the WOW sign from now on.

e-mail obe@theonramp.net. 

I think the WOW sign is pretty neat! I also like the four fingers up on a hand , it stands for hugs.....

Thank you,

I think the WOW sign is pretty cool, and no, it doesn't look like the Boy Scout sign.  Their fingers are closed together. Just thought you should know, the pinkie and thumb make a natural "O," therefore, if you take the WOW sign and wave it by turning your hand (ALA the beauty queen in a parade) you automatically give the person you're waving to all three letters of WOW.
Sincerely --
Theresa Riga

What a wonderful page.  I was fascinated and completely overtaken by your message.  I am a strong believer in humanity and I couldn't think of a better symbol to celebrate it.   
I hope you are able to stay on the web forever.  It is becoming a powerful tool; one where wars will be won -- wars such as the one you are fighting here, for a better world.  Peace to all and WOW!!
Troy & Kim Henke
British Columbia, Canada


What a wonderful sign. Great idea, I will use it myself to pass on the WOW

Amelia Saxon

From Hawa`i........Wishing Only Well!!
E O MAI, I love the WOW sign. It also means..........WE, and in this life WE are not alone.


The WOW sign is wonderful. I can't wait to share it with others. Thank you for such beautiful thoughts.

Terri Kardos

Re the wow sign,

my thoughts: it is cool i belive we need more like that

thanx Brandi

Wouldn`t it be nice to see the WOW sign become a universal symbol used by people all over the world. With a lot of publicity and loving people I think it could happen. Keep up the good work.

Michael Guirate

Hello :

I can across your website via a link from the Sylvia Brownie's Website.

I really liked the WOW Sign.
In Jewish Religion, this is the sign used to cover the face and do Shema Yesrael with the right hand. The Thumb and small finger rests on the right and left eye respectively. And the three fingers are placed on the forehead to form a hebrew alphabet Sheen.

This sign can also be used by people in the Psycho-Symbology sessions.

Wishing Only Well.
Elieazer Gadkar

Did you know that the Wow sign forms the Hebrew letter "Shin" which is the symbol for and beginning letter of the word in Hebrew that means "Peace" and "Wholeness"? (If something is whole then it is in completion and balance, not in need, Totality)..........

WOW to y'all, Barbie

I think it's great. It could be an international sign of peace!!

Gina from Rhode Island

I think its good to have positive symbols, especially into todays society.
Melanie Delong

Thanks for the wonderful letters, and keep them coming!

Wishing you only well,

Carmen Colombo
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