a process in which something passes by degrees to a more advanced or mature stage; a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

Stop for a moment, and think. Has the human race evolved in ways that really matter? 

The (r)evolution network probes that question, and provides help, resources and thought-provoking answers. It's a gathering point for pacifist advocates against ALL hate crimes. 

Violence is everybody's business, because it affects everybody.


Violence blocks our evolution.

You can't legislate people into being better human beings, but you can be an example. That's right, YOU have power and influence! You are shaping someone's world, right now. Believe it! 

Be a good example. Make violence unacceptable and inexcusable. As long as it continues, we are all to blame. We CAN stop it.


By applying what works. 

Consider how, in North America for example, smokers have gone from being glamorous to pariahs. They are literally unwelcome in most places. Since people's perception of smoking changed, so did the general social attitude. Smoking is no longer tolerated. 

Do you know how much money and effort is involved in helping people quit smoking? 

Consider this:

Cigarette advertising and billboards were banned.

Tobacco companies can no longer sponsor major events.

All public places are required to forbid visitors to smoke.

Cigarette packages look like medical pornography - in order to educate people on the results of smoking.

It is illegal to sell cigarettes to a minor.

Not to mention the legal cases, and everything else that is still being investigated.

The same idea can be applied for anything, including violence.

But in comparison, what is being done to stop violence?

Are violent games, television, songs, movies, etc., for example, banned or discouraged?


On the contrary, everything is becoming more gory, cruel, and ruthless. Children watch this, but they don't produce it - adults do. Garbage in, garbage out is NOT just a computer term- it applies to everything. Children do in real life what they see everyday. 

Be a good example and you can make a major difference.

The (r)evolution network was inspired by Rachel Miller. She was a Domestic Abuse Survivor and success story. She submitted her article, called "Stop the Violence" in March 2000, and urged us to start a section to help stop Domestic Violence on WOW Zone. 

Rachel helped so many people with her powerful message of hope and strength, and was determined to save others. We know she did. Tragically, she couldn't save herself. Although she was happily remarried, her abusive ex-husband tracked her down and savagely beat her in her own home on April 13, 2000. She was in agony for 13 days, mostly in intensive care, and died on April 26, 1 day and 1 month before her 30th birthday. Her autopsy revealed that she was one month pregnant at the time of the attack. She left behind a loving husband, siblings, countless friends, and two children who will have to live with the fact that their daddy killed their mommy.*

(* We are saddened to report that Rachel Miller's son, Tyler, age 12, died on June 11, 2001. Rachel's family says that he took his own life because of the pain of losing his mother at the hands of his biological father, Bruce Daniels.) 

This is unbelievable, and yet it happens every day. Rachel's site, which is now maintained by her family and friends, has statistics and stories about it. Some stories of domestic abuse are so horrible, that we prefer not to read them. But they are not just stories, they are about real people. In the big picture, those stories are a reflection of all of us, and that's the worst part, because the family is the foundation of society. 

If home is a war zone, our faith in finding peace anywhere is diminished. Home should be a safe harbor, where we are taught the basic principles of life that promote good. Nobody is born hating. We are taught to hate, to fear, to be envious, jealous, ruthless, often in our own homes. 

We have the duty and absolute NEED to learn, teach, and spread love, peace and hope. 

The (r)evolution network is dedicated to the advancement of civilization through emotional, spiritual and intellectual understanding of violence and its realities and repercussions on the entire human race.

Be a part of the (r)evolution. Be a part of the solution.

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