We love kids! 
This letter was sent to many key media people to help us help kids.

How to stop the violence in society, and protecting and empowering children.

Since June 1996, I am spreading a positively refreshing message of hope, peace and goodwill on the internet through my website, www.wowzone.com. WOW stands for Wish Only Well, a fun and easy way to remember something good. The information on my site is free, and I receive countless letters (many of which are on the site) from people who say that it really helps them. 

Many teachers, speakers and even preachers use the Wish Only Well message to teach about self-respect, love, peace, tolerance, and most importantly - to stop the violence. The WOW Sign, three (3) fingers forming a W for Wish Only Well, is used by people around the world as a greeting of peace and goodwill.

John Robert Colombo, (no relation) international author, editor and commentator, said:

"WOW Zone presents an idea that will, when implemented, civilize social relations and initiate an era of world peace and happiness. "WOW invites you to look at life with the wonder of a child, and see all the different reasons to say WOW!" Those three letters do not constitute a mantra, but they are an acronym. They stand for "Wish Only Well." It's a new version of the Golden Rule."

The key words in the above commentary are "when implemented".  This is why I would like you to help spread the WOW message, especially to children. We CAN stop the violence, but it takes more than just saying STOP.

By associating a powerful positive message with the most joyful and popular word of all, the result is a fun and easy way to remember something good. WOW empowers people because it makes them think. 

John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day, said, 

"WOW is the most brilliant use of an acronym ever. Wish Only Well contains the basic message that has been agreed on by every generation and every creed, since the beginning of civilization."

WOW is fun and useful at the same time. That's what makes it unique and memorable, and why it's changing people's lives.

Please join me in bringing this gift to people. I am confident that they will thank you and remember you for showing them a better way of living.

Visit my site at www.wowzone.com for more information, and feel free to contact me.

Don't just say WOW - BE WOW!

Best regards and wishing you only well,

Carmen Colombo

Please forward this letter to anyone you feel can be of help. Thank you.

We would like to thank the Canadian Culture Website for helping us spread the word.