WOW Zone has no religious or political affiliations.

1996 - 2004

But God, do we have opinions!  


  1. They're our opinions, which means that they're no better or worse than anyone else's. 

  2. "No Affiliations" means that we don't take sides.

When you see pictures of political or religious figures, or articles regarding such topics on WOW Zone, it doesn't necessarily mean that we endorse them. It means that we are expressing our opinions, and allowing others the same opportunity on our site. 

Our mission is to entertain, inform and inspire, so that everyone who visits leaves feeling good, and looking forward to returning. We focus on humanity's common longing for peace, hope and love. We accentuate the good, and seek solutions. The treasured contributions of our readers, as well as the researched material that we share on WOW Zone are sometimes so ahead of their time, that by the time the rest of the world catches up, it's old news to our visitors. But we're not a news site, like CNN or BBC, etc, because you can get current world news anywhere, including in our News and Magazine section.

What we know from experience and our years online is that people need more than the news. Beyond the basic needs of food and shelter, we need hope. We need mental and spiritual stimulation. We need to feel alive, aware, and worthy of affection. All of that good stuff and more is what WOW is about. That's part of the reason that people see themselves in WOW, regardless of their background or culture. 

Some visitors have written to tell us to give credit for the WOW philosophy where credit is due, and that is to God. Others say that we give too much credit to God. Still others feel that we don't seem to believe in anything, other than the power of the individual. We've also been referred to as "Humanists", which sounds pretty good too. And while some say that Wishing Only Well helps them, they are distressed that their  religion is not mentioned or credited for it. 

We're asked so many times, and we keep wondering, why should it matter what or who the founder of WOW Zone calls God? Even within the WOW team, we all have different opinions about various topics, and still, we work very well together.

As for politics, the founder has been approached to pursue a career in politics, since she has her hand on the world's pulse. But she loves the idea of WOWing people much more than that of being a bureaucrat. To each their own. Of course, we all learned to never say never, but still, knowing her, we seriously doubt that Carmen Colombo will run for Office, in any capacity.

We would also like to remind everyone that WOW is NOT a religion. We're flattered and stunned that we are referred to as a "ministry". But the fact is that WOW is a magazine. A unique one, yes. But still, WOW Zone ( ) is a commercial online magazine, a division of Wish Only Well Communications Inc.  

WOW is a different way of looking at life and at business. For example, we agree that money makes the world go round, but we believe that LOVE is the fuel. We think that Business without ethics is spiritually corrupt, and that life without the love of life is wasted. These things are obvious on our death bed, but we are mainly oblivious to them in our daily lives. 

That's why WOW is here, since 1996. We carefully select material for the site to help make us aware of these things now, while we are alive, so that we can DO SOMETHING and live a good life. The only thing worse than death is a life not truly lived.

We hope that you enjoy your visit, and will return often. We want to thank everyone,  especially those who share WOW with their family, friends and even total strangers, because that's one of the basic foundations of WOW: Share the joy! Celebrate Life! Say WOW,  smile, and pass it on!

We encourage everyone to express themselves at the Open Forum. You may also use any address on the site to reach us. Yes, we do respond. 

Naturally, we reserve the right to keep the WOW Zone domain clean and free of any unsavory material.

Thank you for your continued support, and best wishes to all.


The WOW Team

WOW Zone
June 2003


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